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Two tongue depressors and one hospital…eewww!!!


We had a visitor in our bodega/warehouse this week.  We had just shelved a box of tongue depressors in the Samaritan’s Purse  container.  Abraham who usually brings a very large truck happened to stop by with his car to ask if we had any medicines.  He is the highlands of Guatemala and works in the Xela and Solola (San Pedo de Laguna) areas.  These have been hard hit by recent rains with a significant uptick in fungal and respiratory diseases.  Tuberculosis being one of the worst of these is spreading due to a number of factors.  The rains force extended families into close quarters often only one or two room dwellings heated by open smoky wood fires.

Abraham was fascinating in that he started the conversation with, “I don’t speak much English.  I don’t speak much Spanish.”  But when Cindy asked what he did speak… “Tzutujil, Quiche, Kakchiquel, some Portuguese y Italiano”  I just shook my head.  Depressing was the first thought as we struggle to learn Spanish.  But then AMAZING isn’t it — the capacity of the mind given us by God.  I so wish God would reverse the “Babel” effect He inflicted on the peoples of the earth in Genesis for at least Cindy and I.

(As an aside, if you are going to ask me how to pronounce those Mayan languages above… dream on teenage queen.  It ain’t happening yet.  Those are three of over 20 tongues identified in Guatemala.  This is the country in which Wycliffe Bible Translators got its start.  Cameron Townsend saw a need when he tried to sell Spanish Bibles to Kakchiquel tribe in the highlands close to Antigua.  Since its start in 1942 Wycliffe has assisted in the translation of over 700 languages.  I encourage you to read Uncle Cam’s biography.  It is fascinating.  That one man/family could do so much shows what God will do if one yields to his LORD, Redeemer and Creator.)  Back to the story at hand.

The conversation about the two, yes 2 tongue blades came up after they were packed and ready to leave.  He was talking about how the current presidential administration had plundered the treasury leaving nothing for pay of teachers, nurses and other hospital staff and supplies.  The simplest of supplies are not in stock in the national hospitals, asperin, tylenol, plaster and tongue blades.  The hospital that serves in Abraham’s home region has two plastic tongue depressors that they drop into alcohol between patient  contacts.  Alcohol kills a lot of things, but TB has a spore form that can exist for quite awhile in alcohol… Cindy had found this box that very morning.  Call it luck if your view of god is small… We serve God, the God who answers our prayers.  We call events like this Providence, luck has nothing to do with it.  Find an 1828 Webster’s Dictionary (not a new Collegiate piece of … stuff) and look up Providence.

Can simple tongue blades be God sent?  smile.  You know what I think!

Thank you for your support of Vine International and Guatemala medical missions.

In Christ, Dennis and Cindy

PSThere were 10 bicycles on that same container.  Within 48 hours of unloading all bicycles are in the service of orphanages in Guatemala.  I linked some photos on my facebook page or best to go to  Mike and Karen Rhea’s web site (Rayo De Esperanza) for the JOY effect of three of those bikes.  Thank you Samaritan’s Purse and the original donors whom I don’t know, but bless you mucho.  You cannot look at Mikes photos and not smile.  click on “galleries” tab and you have to click on a couple of pages to get to their Picasso page.  Open the file that says New Bikes at the ranch – Nov 11, 2011

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  1. Max permalink
    12/11/2011 16:28

    Ain’t our God good!!!! ALL the time and just at the right time!


    • 13/11/2011 07:54

      It is so humbling to work here. God is good and God is in the details of our lives. Such a shame the spiritual blindness of the masses. Thank you Max… notes are encouraging. Dennis and Cindy


  2. corki permalink
    13/11/2011 06:58

    Dennis, as usual, nothing is too small or insidnificant in God.s eyes.


    • 13/11/2011 07:56

      it is amazing Corki how valuable small things can be. Please pray for our ability to absorb the language so we can improve our ability to serve. Thank you for the note… they are encouraging. Dennis and Cindy


  3. Rebecca Cupp permalink
    15/11/2011 15:33

    Probably the less you know of the language the more God can do and you will KNOW that it is God and not you.


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