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Our Bomberos thought it was Christmas…


Bomberos is the Guatemalan term for volunteer firemen.  Jeff Burns a dear friend, EMT and fireman from Burnsville NC donated turn out gear, Scott air packs, back boards and other essential firefighting equipment through his ministry The JAMES Project. and Faith Fellowship Church of Newdale NC.  We have been at accident scenes when these friends respond and reach into the trunks of their private vehicles for too little supplies and make ill fitting braces do the job.

I so wish Jeff could have seen the look on their faces (see photos linked here with notes).  I did not have camera in hand to capture macho teary eyed men with the largest of smiles.  They backed the fire truck into the bay and loaded up all of the donated gear from the JAMES Project that remained.  Some of the back boards are out in the country doing hard service in areas recovering from the floods.  Our bomberos did their “usual shopping run” too for basic splints and supplies in the bodega.

As they were loading, the container from Samaritan’s Purse arrived.  Domingo who usually helps me unload was not available on this day.  This bombero crew saw me struggle and came over to see if they could help…  It turned into the fastest unload of a SP container.  They worked me so fast, I sweat through my shirt simply driving the forklift.  I just sat on that forklift and smiled… our Dad took care of a need once again and did so in a way that only He can.  We were unloaded I think in under 25 minutes… it would have taken an hour and a half or longer for Cindy and I to do that alone without Domingo.  Thanks go out to Jeff Burns/JAMES Project, the Don Justo Bombero Company. Dole for shipping container and Samaritan’s Purse .  But thank YOU Father for ordering our steps on this day.

Dr. Lawrence Nelson used his last day in Guatemala to help us in the bodega.  He prayed for us, assembled rolling walkers, found three wheelchairs in the boxes marked rolling walkers all of which went out the door for service that day.  Yea Dr. Nelson!  This brother in the LORD stayed over after a team of new and old friends did a medical and evangelism jornada in Jalapa.  He was a great help, always looking for something to do.  My kind of short term missionary.  Bless you Lawrence and may God give direction to the work He has designed for you and your family.  Again see the photo blog on Smug Mug.

In Christ

Dennis and Cindy McCutcheon

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