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Mother, Peggy in Guatemala…


My mother goes by Gammie, the name her first grandchild christened her with.  She wears the name with pride.  My sister Kate brought Gammie to North Carolina to meet Peggy, eat out at Olive Garden with all four of the local grandchildren, a great granddaughter and a fiancee.  Then up Monday morning the 12th of December to the Asheville Airport, out to Atlanta and to Guatemala in time for lunch.  When Gammie checks in with family and friends back home she tells them she is in the best ‘bed and breakfast’ having the most relaxing experience she has ever had in her life.  Hey while we do aim to please we have an inside track with this lady, so don’t believe the advertising and NO team members we are NOT a bed and breakfast.

My mother (Gammie) is in her glory in the bodega as you can see in the photos.  She loves bringing order out of chaos.  Cindy and I had tired of sorting boxes from last container and the last nine boxes remained to be done.  Peggy and mom made short order of them.  Mom grabbed the scrub outfits, folded and sorted to size and over half of them went out the door before she could box them up.  She has met a few of our ministry/medical mission team friends here while in the warehouse.  We  took her to Hacienda Real and ordered Parrillada for 4 on my birthday.  You should have seen her eyes when that pile of steak, chicken, sausage, ribs that came to the table.  We are still eating on that order.  In addition to the warehouse, she has been to our local church this morning and this afternoon at a picnic/retreat with some of our very special friends.

Peggy and Cindy have had some time together, and Peg got a new hairdo somewhere in one of those times.  Mom and I have some good conversation, memories of dad who passed away in April this year and of grandparents.  I have even enlightened her to some stories about me in my student years that I have never told her before…. grin… no I am not going to share them here kids!!!

We are waiting on a container, have plans for a couple of days in Antigua.  Plans for trip up Pacaya are probably canceled due to container delay.  We are looking forward to a Guatemalan Christmas together and mom’s birthday.  She is excited to turn 79 in Guatemala.  Got to go, enjoy photos on our Smugmug account.  More to come in the next 10 or so days remaining.

In Christ,

Dennis and Cindy McCutcheon

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  1. Lisa Jackson permalink
    19/12/2011 06:44

    Mrs. Ann looks like she’s having a wonderful time — so good to see that lovely smile and know you’re all having such a great visit!!


  2. Jim Moore permalink
    04/01/2012 18:29

    Hi Dennis,

    I am just now getting caught up on the pipeline. The visit by your Mom is really special. I wish I could be there with you guys. I would take her to dinner and show her off!

    Love to you all!

    I spoke to Woody and have him on my 3M sticky note prayer page at my desk.
    Jennie and Rick are coming by tomorrow to make plans for the May TECH meeting at SP. I secretly invited Thant for entertainment while they are here.



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