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Gammie and Peggy in Antigua


We took the girls to Antigua and our favorite hotel.  Vine International has been using this hotel for years and have sent others there as well.  They give us a 10% discount.  But we took mom there for a couple of days and told her it was for her Christmas present.  She enjoyed it very much.  It was quiet and we didn’t walk her legs off.  She went to Central Square and saw the old buildings.  Next day was up to the Santo Domingo.  Peggy and her mom took off to the artisans market on that first day.

We didn’t do much more than that.  I caught up on some reading as did my mother.  We took several photos of the beauty of the place, you can see less than half of what we took linked here.

We are back home waiting on a container still and it looks like it will come after Christmas now.  We have stuff on there going to kids that we wanted before this weekend.  We are prepared to crank it up if we get word that it can be delivered tomorrow.  Praying and would appreciate your prayers too.

Enjoy the photos linked above in dark red letters.

In Christ

Dennis, Cindy, Gammie and Peggy McCutcheon

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  1. 22/12/2011 21:39

    Outstanding!! photos
    Cindy, Peggy, and Ann, you girls look gorgeus.
    Abundantly blessing to you all.


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