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Community Chapel Greenville SC,


sent a vision team to Guatemala this week (not that the guys who came were much to look at mind you).  Mike, Ben and Lewis are assistant pastors or leaders in the church.  This congregation has been very giving to Cindy and I through Vine International and to Guatemala in many unique ways.

This group came to look at several potential projects.  The first was a trip to Chocola to see Hospital Santa Fe and the Castillos.  Several ideas are being kicked around to include youth, young adults with the next construction team in late July.  We plan on doing work that will improve security, metal doors all around, fencing the house and starting renovation for the house.  They are designing the work so they can do an evangelism and minister to youth in the local neighborhood.

Oscar Garcia a friend who ministers in Guatemala with Orphan Resource International went with us to help with thinking through logistics, collecting and timing  delivery of building supplies.  He is very gracious, knowledgeable, and was a great asset to this team.

That was Monday and Tuesday morning.  Tuesday afternoon after driving through a tremendous wind storm we arrived at Fundo Ninos an orphanage Vine International has ties to.  We looked and discussed some fencing for safety issues on a retaining wall and around the pool.  We will probably handle this locally and are hoping to challenge local church involvement with some other friends here in Guatemala.

Then on Wednesday we were in the fourth most violent neighborhood in Guatemala.  Recently 8 youths were murdered by rival gang while playing soccer on the local field and now the local kids not involved in gangs are fearful of going to that field.  We went to a local project that is doing after school tutoring of children with active work in crime prevention and trying to keep these kids from being fodder for the gangs.  The problem is they play soccer on the roof and they loose their soccer balls frequently.  We did a materials list and have arranged payment and delivery with local labor to do the work.

We visited with Doug and Consuelo Le Blanc.  Doug pastors a church plant and Consuelo is a pediatrician working in San Lucas and other outlying points.  They and Ben were close friends and ministered together in the past here in Guatemala.  Then back to the house to pack.  On the way to the airport we ran by the bodega and inventoried the tools and padlocked them for security.  We had a break in mid yaar last year and sadly almost $1000 worth of tools had been stolen.

After putting the guys out at the airport I came home to an empty house, checked in with Cindy in North Carolina, took a nap and am now doing my muchacha chores and gearing up for several groups in the bodega tomorrow, and trying to make contacts for the trip next week aroung northern Guatemala.

Appreciate your prayers for safety while traveling and while gathering information for biomedical technical services in Guatemala for Christian hospitals and clinics.  We are also praying about starting a training program for nationals to learn biomed skills.  Much to do. Enjoy photos of this most recent team linked here.

In Christ, Dennis and Cindy McCutcheon

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