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Hodge Podge…


With Cindy in the states it is quiet and lonely in this house.   But the schedule is full and talking to Cindy there is not a lot of holes in her schedule either.  She gets to eat a hot dog and Moosetrack Ice Cream on her breaks though. How about a few words on several subjects?

Preaching… We have a blessed opportunity to preach a couple of times recently.  In researching for this past Sunday’s teaching I think I listened to the worst sermon I have ever heard.  The title was so awful.  The teaching was worse.  Discouragement – God forbids it.  Every hero of the faith in Scripture went through periods of discouragement… God jumps in there with us in those times, encourages and strengthens us.  God forbids it—get out of town.  My mother came up with this one morning, “Discouragement is Satan’s playground where God shows up and teaches!”

Joe Leier electrical engineer, Canadian, missionary here in Guatemala is a fix it kind of guy.  He and I took a tour of northern Guatemala last week fixing equipment as we went.  We had a good visit with Mike and Karen Rhea at their farm/orphanage and got to see some of the bicycles from Samaritan’s Purse, transported by Vine International in action.  Lot’s of smiles.  Mike is having a knee arthroscopy done on Thursday, last week.  Praying for quick and excellent results, brother.  We then drove to Peten, saw the new ambulance from Mercy Trucks at Hospital Shalom in San Benito with their new red roof and second floor expansion.  The staff at this hospital is loyal and working hard.  I tried to get the barbecue recipe from the cook and was told I could have it “when I bought the hospital”. I cracked up and she NEVER gave me the recipe!!

We worked on vacuum pumps, a C-Arm that is now a boat anchor, “pm’d” several other machines.  A couple of other biomed friends had been there in the last year Jim Moore and Rick Wood so not much to do.  We had discussions about future plans and working on the issue of improving biomedical support.  For now it looks like Joe Leier may be making the trek up there three or four times a year.

We then went to Cubulco to the AMG hospital.  (AMG-“Centro Medico Cristiano Señiorita Elena”)It has been several years since we have been there.  It is largely run by nationals, has both national doctors and dentists doing service and a couple of US teams come through out the year.  We did quite a bit of good here and will do our best to make this pilgrimage more frequently.  It was a beautiful drive and this is where I will add my lament, I FORGOT MY CAMERA.  We took a Joe Leier short cut on the way back.  Have you seen the Highway of Death in Bolivia, well this is not as bad as that… for those of you in West Virginia that remember the single lane road going Fayette Station in the New River Gorge before the Feds took the river for a park, this shortcut is MUCH worse than that has ever been in my 59 years.  Crossing the ridge back of Guatemala was beautiful though and I forgot my camera.  I still can’t believe I forgot my camera.

The bodega has been slammed since being back in town.  Today (Tues.) in addition to three clients (two of them new to Vine International) we met Tommy Sanders from Shalom Foundation and Cynthia Paschal Ph.D from Vanderbilt Biomedical Engineering program.  She is bringing another team to Guatemala and we are discussing ways to improve biomedical equipment services in the  developing world – Guatemala in particular.  It was a good encouraging meeting.

Tthis past Friday night I crossed town and visited Roger and Beth Briggs (Hearts for Heaven, Inc) and surprised Bob Harris.  Bob is a fiery ol’ time Methodist evangelist that works with a team that is instrumental in Cindy and I choosing this path or being chosen for this path, or if you are hyper Calvinist having NO choice at all… OK back to the preacher Bob Harris, Bob and another brother in the LORD, Horace Marlowe, are on my very short list of heros.

OK… Cindy is not here so I need to put away the clothes and dishes I washed, gather the garbage for in the morning.  The next time I am going to take my camera – that still bothers me.

Thank you for your prayers and continued financial support.  I know for some it is a stretch of faith in this economy.  We are very aware of the trust you put in us.

In Christ, Dennis and Cindy McCutcheon

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  1. 23/01/2012 18:13

    Hey Dennis, you forgot to mention (or maybe on purpose) that the shortcut saved us about 2.5 hours! I think a couple of curves took 2.5 years off you though!



    • 23/01/2012 18:54

      We came out on your side of town… so it only saved me about an hour, but a lot of fuel. We will do it again. WITH CAMERA.


  2. Joe McCutcheon permalink
    23/01/2012 19:28

    Great letter. Praying for you. Thanks for your faithfulness.


  3. Doris Rice permalink
    24/01/2012 10:22

    Glad to hear you’re enjoy some of the thrills of Guatemala – will never forget that road, that you in the passenger seat in front, was actually challenging the driver (Dennis R) for his seat just to keep the van from going over the edge of the mountain!!! 🙂 Great memories!


    • 24/01/2012 14:02

      I have told that story quite a bit. I laughed out loud when you mentioned it. And then there is Todd who refused to ride in the front seat. It is beautiful up there. Hope we can solve the biomed issue this year. Good to hear from you and I know you both pray for us. We are grateful.


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