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Life is just different here…


We are trying to start a dollar account at our bank so we can wire money here to deal with costs in this southern end of the pipeline for Vine International service to medical missions.  I need a special document that recognizes me and my signature as official.  This document has to be repeatedly filled out every one or two years, with attorneys and SAT getting involved in the process.  Without the document I cannot set up an account in the bank – doesn’t matter that you put the money on the table and are ready to do business.

Now some of you know that we installed a new president about 10 days ago.  The new administration fired many many people in the SAT office.  All the positions are filled with new people.  The NEW PEOPLE are going to classes to learn how to fill out and confirm the accuracy of the variety of documenst a government might require…. our form is in a pile somewhere…waiting…containers are not waiting.  I won’t describe how we are getting money in but it involves a special person called a money changer… shades of the temple in Jerusalem in Jesus day.

Dick Rutgers has a recent story of just living here on his blog.  I usually write my own stories, but this is such a fit in this subject and I had several belly laughs from his blog post that I am going to link it below.  He got caught with an outdated license.  One of the young Guatemalan that he is training in maintaining wheelchairs was with him and talked the police into giving the outdated license back.  Dick thinks the kid told the police he was real old and loosing his mind… and it gets funnier from there.  My boss says some days it takes ALL day just to live in Guatemala.  Link to Dick Rutgers Blog is here.  If he adds a blog between this notice and you reading it look for the Jan. 28th posting.

Several projects and containers in the works.  Woody is tolerating Chemo well completing his third of twelve scheduled so far.  We highly value the prayers of believers.

In Christ, Dennis and Cindy McCutcheon

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