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Break time for Cindy and I…


Cindy had been in the states a month and I had worked every day except two for that month in Guatemala so we took a couple of days off sort of.  Mike Rhea returned from the states after having arthroscopy done to his knee and we volunteered to take him home from Guatemala airport to Rio Dulce and then stayed for two days.

After the usual greetings, we were shown our quarters, about 100 yards from the main house.  On the porch were two large snake skins air drying.  These boa constrictors had been killed on the fence in our “back yard” a couple of days before   Cindy pussyfooted it across the yard every trip thereafter.

Karen Rhea and Cindy caught up on girl talk.  Mike and I walked the property of the orphanage they have started and talked about future plans.  In addition to the orphanage, they want to use the farm for technical training for their kids and the locals.  Greenhouse, orchards, live stock, building and welding training even fish farming are all in the works or in vision state at this time.  Of course up our alley is a potential clinic if and when God brings the right folks together.  They first and foremost are praying for a family to come and take on a second house for more kids.  They do not believe in warehousing orphans but want to give them a HOME like environment.

These precious kids practiced their English on us and suffered and laughed at our attempts at Spanish.  I think we all had a relaxing time together.  Then there was prayer and hugs and time to return to work. Photos of Rayos de Esperanza are linked here and link to their web/blog site here.

While traveling – One thing we have noticed with the new president of Guatemala, there is an increase of military presence visible and the number of checkpoints has easily doubled.

I came home and packed light for quick trip home to North Carolina for a family matter a.  I was able to attend our home church and speak briefly in Sunday morning service at Calvary Chapel of Asheville.  Cindy and I are so blessed to have faithful support in these times..  We are greatful for faithful friends and family.

We appreciate prayers for the family situation., for changes in the government and how that may effect Vine Internaitonal.   We will be in the states again probably last week of April and first week of May.  If you have a desire to hear about the ministry and work here in Guatemala please let us know and we will do our best to schedule a time to share.

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