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Schedule in USA


Cindy and I arrive in Asheville, NC late evening 19 April, this coming Thursday.  We will get up early on Friday and work on replacing windows on Friday and Saturday.  Our pastor Billy Osigian and Jason our son will help on Friday.  My brother Mark (Cheryl we hope) will come up on Saturday.  Ben and Lauren Hillman are going to bring Corban their son over on Saturday.  We are going to see if Corban can swing a hammer at 2.5 months heh heh heh.

We hope to speak at our home church, Calvary Chapel of Asheville, NC on Sunday and share a few photos that first Sunday.  We are trying to fill the Sunday and Wednesday calendars.  I will update as we firm up dates.  Other meetings will include meeting with SE Regional director Will Gunnel of Christian Medical and Dental Association.  I keep praying that there are ways Vine International and CMDA can lock arms and work in Guatemala.  They are a fantastic group active at many levels sharing the Gospel of Christ.  Pastors, students, homeschoolers if you are looking for information on Christian issues of health, medicine, abortion, human trafficking, stem cell the “white papers” in the issues section is amazing.  I use it for sermon research when appropriate.

We will meet some new friends, the Foxworthy’s at a favorite restaurant, Carolina BBQ in Statesville for lunch on May 1st, I am thinking BBQ sandwich plate with a foot long hotdog for desert.  That night will be supper in West Virginia on the family farm and visiting my mother and other family.  Thursday the third is Boone NC and the Technical Exchange for Christian Healthcare, Inc Spring Conference.  Cindy and I will be on the guest speaker rostrum with one of the most awesome missionary couples I know.  Eleanor and Wallace Turnbull of Baptist Haiti Mission  ( started in mission work in 1946.  They have over 120 yrs of medical (preaching, farming, housing, church planting, scholarship, etc) mission work behind them.  I can’t even think of standing on stage with them, whew!!!  Then we will lead a meeting of a group of fellow believers that have a heart for Guatemala and particularly trying to answer the need for supplying and maintaining medical equipment on Saturday May 5th in the morning and lunch with some dear friends, the Clemmons who have led teams from Boone’s Missionary Alliance Church

We are working on visits with friends and supporters in Spruce Pine, Black Mountain, a trip to Knoxatenango TN to see Woody Woodson our boss, hopefully Bruce White and Amy Turnblazer, too.  Monday 30th Jeff Rhinehart and Michelle Phillips at Metropolitan Medical Services in west Asheville.  They have been partners from before our time with Vine International and are a treasure to us.  We have two birthdays Casey and Peggy to celebrate in this time too.

So, you can see our schedule is full of travel and story telling as we check in with supporters.  Please pray that the window project goes rapidly and well.  Pray that as we tire in the visiting, telling the stories of Christ’s work here that we will always have strength, desire and words to glorify Christ.  We could not do what we do except that so many of you share our desire and vision.

OK, I need to go help pack or make  a cup of coffee.  Hope to see you soon.

In Christ, Dennis and Cindy McCutcheon

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  1. Jeff Burns permalink
    17/04/2012 17:55

    I sent a package for you via Jim Moore.
    Hope we can take lunch at The Grill in Spruce Pine one day. Let me know. also I have 2 Refurbed. Ambulance Streatchers for you. We need to talk of transport please.
    Blessings to you and Cindy. ope to see you soon


  2. Marilyn Downing permalink
    18/04/2012 08:57

    Hope you can stop at HIM – we’d love to see you and Cindy and “catch up”


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