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Apologies to several friends we did not get to see…


Cindy and I came home to a hornet’s nest.  Well a termites nest, with severe damage in the walls.  Danya ‘Ann’  (Peggy Ann our youngest daughter went through a stage where everyone including the dogs had the middle name ‘Ann’), our pastor Billy Osigian, Jason, Casey, Peggy helped us replace 19 of 21 windows on our first Friday.  We held off on two in the west wall due to obvious sagging.  My brother Mark came up from Greenesboro and stayed most of the rest of our time in the USA.

Our work days were 12 to 14 hours with no lunch most of those.  As we got into the west wall, the metaphor ‘tip of the iceberg’ is very appropriate.  Like when you put tofu in your mouth the thing just keeps growing.  Cindy would make breakfast with 800 mg Motrin chaser for my brother and I.  We had to go to top of foundation and replace plate and band for 1/2 of the west wall.  Cindy cried the day we found the active termites.  But I was glad we found them.  The termite bond we had at closing helped and that company was on the spot, retreating the west well and foundation within 36 hours of a weekend phone call.  We noticed the sump pump running constantly, so we knew we had water problems. That turned into a huge mess.  Gutters, downspouts and ditching with both French drains and solid 4 inch pipe to remove both ground and rain water were done by hand (mostly Mark’s).  We borrowed Jason and Elaina Hensley’s pickup truck to haul a ton and a half of gravel used for the drains.  Schedule was so tight we clandestinely returned the truck one evening.  Our apology’s you two, I really wanted to ooh and aaww over the new baby.  By the time I left on Tuesday the sump pump was running every 30 minutes instead of every three.  We are praying for a continued drying out of the foundation.  There will be more work to grade the back yard and front flower beds away from the house, but will have to wait until next year.

West end and front windows/door were prepped, primed and painted.  all windows caulked inside and out.  Cindy is staying there for two more weeks to finish painting windows and getting Peggy’s room up to the Cindy Code.

We did not get to speak to many of our supporter’s and for that I apologize.  We upheld our commitment to speak at the TECH conference at Samaritan’s Purse at Boone NC.  We followed Wallace and Eleanor Turnbull – I could listen to those two all day, all week even.

After returning Tuesday the 8th, I slept most of two days working one morning at the warehouse.  We are struggling with the current container due to multiple issues, but it is getting costly.  So please pray for release of this container.  Every dollar we have to give the government, the shipping company, fumigators, fuel fees, driver fees, warehousing for customs inspection is a dollar we can’t use for the work of ministry.  We are aggressive in keeping these costs down, but change of administration is a little frustrating right now.  Rules for changing money due to Guatemala’s striving to cut down on drug money laundering is costing us most of a day to get finances for a single container.  There are limits on exchanging now and if you are bringing teams into Guatemala please research this before you come.

Cindy returns on the 22nd so if you want to see her and you are close to Swannanoa/Asheville get hold of her through me or her facebook.  She will be very busy, a woman driven by order and organization.  Cindy keeps the chaos of daily living in check for our family.

Without friends and family we could not get the work done both in personal life and the life of ministry.  We are grateful to all that helped physically, prayerfully and financially.  We got a LOT done in a short time.  But we missed seeing a lot of friends of the ministry…

Photos of front of house and flowers linked here.

In Christ,

Dennis and Cindy McCutcheon

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