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Third posting from Ixil trip


I have told of the dentist Dr. Borrayo and the doctor Dr. Estrada in the two postings before this one.  If you missed these and are interested in medical/dental missions please go to archive.  Victor and Evelyn Borrayo have richly blessed us in donating time and skill to do extensive repair of Cindy’s teeth and we are richly blessed and very grateful for their sacrificial giving.

This post is more about sights, people, flowers and more photography than words.  Out of this trip we are exploring ways to improve healthcare in this region partnering with these evangelical works.  In addition to the medical work, there is pastor training and youth organizations being worked with.  My notes often highlight the medical work (that IS what we do), but know we always are looking for those groups that use medicine to share the Eternal Balm of Gilead.

The country folk are independent and show gumption in caring for themselves even though they are at the end of the road.  One village had developed its own small hydroelectric plant years before the government came in a developed a larger regional project.  In time we hope to set up a permanent facility, but that takes the right people before we need material aide… so stay tuned.

There are several photos with captions.  Most are very brief.  Some captions give more detail so explore the Smugmug blog that I use for our photos linked here.  There are 99 photos very few repeats from the past two blogs.  Hey I took over 300 photos on this trip.  I was along to explore and observe this national team whom we have come to know and love.  So I took on the role of official photographer.

Thank you for your continued support.

A note about some personal things and prayer concerns.  Woody our boss, has completed his chemo therapy and we hope later in the year he is strong enough to travel to Guatemala.  A lot of people want to see him down here.  Our home place in WV has been hit hard by recent storms, roofs, cars, electric, phone lines destroyed.  People are loosing food that is frozen – it is a mess.  Lots of room for ministering to ones neighbors and we ask for prayers for the many friends and family members in that area of our world.

Finally, please pray for Cindy (and I/family).  She has a mammogram that is very suspicious.  We are getting films from last studies Fed-Exed to us this week for comparison.  We had committed to dropping her health insurance to help control expenses here but the company had a grace period and allowed us to stay on the plan.  I don’t qualify for health insurance due to my waste size.  We are looking for a smaller house in this area… but so far nothing cheaper than where we currently live.  Again thank you for lifting us up in prayer.  Please share our blog with those interested in Christian medical missions or us personally, thank you.

In Christ, Cindy and Dennis McCutcheon

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  1. Jeff Burns permalink
    02/07/2012 12:38

    Dennis,Did you get my last e-mail asking if you got the 2 Ambulance cots?


    • 02/07/2012 14:01

      Hey Jeff,
      I got your note and replied but your account kicks back as undeliverable and it does so everytime. Sometimes you seem to get the mail and sometimes not. We have the stretchers and are waiting on Hospital Shalom to arrange a truck for pickup. Probably happening this week. I have talked with the guy they use as driver this morning very early.
      Wish we could do something about the email issue. I ALWAYS respond to your notes and always will brother.


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