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The last three weeks


have been easy, but the next three will make up for it.  We have been catching up in the warehouse. Floors are cleaned and ready for the next container.  We have been fellowshipping (Mike Rhea says, “What party are we going to this time?”) with Orphan Resource International and other local missionaries for birthdays, home goings and Fourth of July.  Thursday night has become taco night at the Rabbit Garden Taco stand– car wash by day.

Cindy and I shut everything down this past weekend and visited Rayo de Esperanza (RdE).  (from the web page you can follow their Facebook page too).  Mike and Karen Rhea invited us and we had a fantastic time discussing God, His word and how all that fits into our ministries especially when difficult, heart breaking decisions need to be made.  RdE is a growing orphanage.  They raise their kids in a home style environment.  Mike and Karen have nine kids, six girls (all teenagers and beautiful and bright –Mike needs lots of prayers on just this issue alone) and three boys.  Little Mike, Danny and Pedro are all boys on a ranch with horses, cattle, sheep, dogs and tractor.   What a place to grow up.   RdE is going through an obvious growth process, getting ready to add another home for 8 or 9 kids more and looking for the proper couple for house parents.

We went with them on Saturday to ‘under the bridge’ at Rio Dulce where the kids set up a booth and sold some jewelry and handbags that they designed and made.   A lady from the sailing crowd that inhabits Rio Dulce has been teaching and mentoring the girls in particular.  There are some strange people in the sailing crowd in Rio Dulce and I engaged in conversation with a few.

Every evening was spent in the ranchero til well after dark in deep discussion and story telling.  It was a rich blessing for all of us.  We attended Calvary Chapel a beautiful open air church on the property and led by Pastor Benito who also helps with construction projects on the property.  This brother obviously loves the LORD and we are investigating some ways to assist him.

We are back at the house, getting ready for the weeks to come.  Mark Kortright is coming to investigate ways to set up biomedical service depot, establishing a training center with meetings set up at Vine International bodega, a local university and travel day to visit Clinica Ezell and Hospital Santa Fe.  He gets on the plane home Friday.  Saturday we have two teams coming to town – one passing through that wants to take us to lunch and hear about Vine and our work here.  (for food I can talk!!!)  This is a team out of Ohio heading to Hospital Shalom in Peten.  Same day our friends Raimundo and Hilda are coming in from Argentina and meeting staff from Abiding Life from Colorado to lead a pastors conference the next week here in Guatemala and then on Monday we meet the team from Community Chapel Greenville SC at the warehouse to get their bus loaded up and point them towards Hospital Santa Fe in Chocola where they will do evangelism among the youth in the community and replace the doors around the hospital and hopefully help start a wall for security for the Castillo family.  In the midst of that schedule one container is sure to be delivered and the potential for two or three is possible.   Not sure how all this is going to happen but we are sure going to try to please all.

Deeply appreciate prayer support during this time.  Photos of warehouse project, Fourth of July fireworks and our visit with Mike and Karen at Rayo de Esperanza are linked here.  I was restricted in my photography due to lens failure but this will improve in a couple of weeks.    Try to slide show function sometime when looking at the photo albums (upper right hand corner).

In Christ, Dennis and Cindy McCutcheon

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  1. Carl and Christina Fulton permalink
    23/02/2016 21:33

    We give GOD the glory!! for using the McCutcheon’s this amazing way!
    This ministry is always in our heart and in our prayers.


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