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Late July and..


sitting in the warehouse, floors swept, trying to pare down all that has happened in last few days into a post folks will read.  Statistics show most don’t read more than 300 – 400 words without going to the next item… Thinking more highly of my audience than statistician’s do, I usually write 6-800 words.  Grin.

We got home at 11:00 last night after meeting with Tim Lester.  We wanted a report on Abiding Life’s pastoral conference.  These are lifelong friends of Woody Woodson’s from his leather company days.  Tim and Raimundo Ericson from Argentina completed a commitment made by Mike Wells last year before he died.   I encourage you to check out their website and the teaching resources, books, CDs.  They do Christian counseling and teach the simple message life is abiding in Jesus Christ.  We spent most of the time laughing.  The staff of Abiding Life are visibly full of joy demonstrating what is in their hearts.  We pray they can find time and resources to come teach Guatemalan pastors principles of discipleship and counseling in the years ahead.  I tried to get a photo of Tim to put on the blog but the brother doesn’t hold still!!!

Last week was spent with Mark Kortright (photos linked here) in several meetings in Guatemala to try to push ahead on a vision we at Vine International have had for over a decade.  We are trying to get a depot style service center manned by a biomed tech to serve Christian medical ministries in Guatemala.  AND we are trying to start a biomed training program.  We had a very exciting meeting with a professor in electrical engineering at the University of the Valley of Guatemala.  UVG has adequate lab space and a state of the art video conferencing site.  We are collecting curriculum, exploring courses they already teach… lots of work ahead and I will do more on this subject in a later post.

The Abiding Life team came in on Saturday and we spent Sunday with them and our dear friends the Sanchez’s.  Tuesday was the arrival of Community Chapel Greenville SC Team (CCG).  They rode a Chicken Bus to the warehouse.  This team made Cindy and I cry as they were cheering the LORD for prayers answered on our behalf (below).  We fed them ham and turkey sandwiches.  They were so hungry that one team member said they were the “best sandwiches she ever had.”  (proves starving people will say anything.)  I code named the sandwiches.  BEN was ham sandwich and MIKE for turkey sandwich… those of you from CCG know the names fit.  (evil grin).  They are working at Hospital Santa Fe with Dr. Sergio Castillo and his wife Veronica.  They will put steel doors anchored in concrete walls to improve security. Our prayer is Community Chapel find this a fit in ministry, that relationships are formed with more construction, intentional evangelism and discipleship in chocola region in the future.

This team brought my camera lenses so while I don’t have a lot of photos for this blog, I am back in business.  Will try to get some of the CCG team if we can get a day or two out there with them… Lots happening here in the warehouse so not sure we will be able to get there.

OK for some this is a repeat.  Cindy has a significant family history of breast cancer.  In June looking at our budget we had decided to let her medical insurance lapse to save about $2000 a year.  A week later we received a suspicious reading of mammography.  We got on the phone and Gallagher Charatable Insurance formerly Adams and Associates (TECH corporate sponsors) graciously allowed us to continue even with an abnormal mammogram. Not sure most insurance companies would have done that and first of many answered prayers.  Gallagher is a good resource for short term team insurance.

Casey our daughter did the leg work in the USA and Fed Ex’d old films for serial comparison (Casey won’t tell us what we owe her for shipping fees).  The radiologist here repeated the mammography to better see certain areas she was concerned about (for free!).  We started seeking a surgeon.  Dr. Ralon’s name came to us and we made an appointment.  He would have seen us the day we called (chuckle).  Cindy doesn’t like those kind of surprises (she was in warehouse duds) so she put him off til Monday (day before arrival of CCG team).  We enter his office and see several Stars of David and his photo as a volunteer with Israeli Defense Force.  This was a comfort for evangelical friends of Israel.  We knew going in that he trained in University of Tel Aviv, and additional training in Brown and Harvard.  Dr. Ralon did full ultrasound exam in addition to physical exam.  His conclusion is not to worry, no biopsy as this is simple scar and normal changes seen for a woman over 29 yrs old.  (wink).  We will repeat studies in Jan. and if no untoward serial changes then, it is back to annual exams.

We are grateful for those who joined us in prayer.  This occurred in the busiest three weeks we have had in a long time.  Cindy handled the pressure so well.

In Christ, Dennis and Cindy

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  1. Beverly permalink
    26/07/2012 19:37

    Whew! Thanks be to God for a good report. I will keep it in my prayers to keep it clean!


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