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International Christian Hospice (ICH) team…


of 4 got an exercise in being FLEXIBLE.  Ron and Susan Naish, Rich and Barbara Banis of ICH (link to their blog here) found one of their teaching points had been shut down due to Dengue Fever.  So they came and stayed two nights with us and worked last Friday in the Vine International bodega (warehouse).  They helped assemble wheelchairs, walkers and rolling walkers.

I heard Ron ask, What kind of ministry gives NEW wheelchairs?”   “Fellow TECH members Wheels of Hope“, I replied.  It is a joy partnering with ministries that believe the recipients of their missions work are family or potential family in the LORD.  Patrick and Lynda Rimke (and a host of volunteers) demonstrate just that by the quality of the wheelchairs and other assistive devices they send to us.  This donation will go to medical ministries all across Guatemala including some to orphanages via Orphan Resources International and prison clinics through El Barrios 4 Christ.  (The WoH link above should take you to the history page where those of you who know Woody Woodson, can see a photo of Woody pre-white hair).

The ICH team is now in north Peten teaching hospice skills and counseling techniques.  Many souls have been saved due to this ministry sharing the Gospel and the compassion of Jesus Christ for this difficult time.  Through training they leave behind nurses, doctors, pastors and church leaders that step into hopeless grieving homes and hospital rooms with the message of salvation and the eternal hop of glory.  Healings have been observed.  Families have been saved.  Eternal destinies made sure.  ICH is a ministry clearly designed by God, that Ron and Susan struggle for support is a sign of the decay of the church’s heart for missions in my mind.

Personally for Cindy and I  we are finding the limits of our physical abilities to serve.  Cindy has spent the early part of the week in bed on a heating pad.  She gets so frustrated at these kind of restrictions.  But praise God she is improving.  We are both very tired.  There are more teams coming in Sept. and there are always a rush of containers in the last quarter of the year.  We will probably reject team requests after end of September, starting again in January.  We already have at least two teams coming in Jan/Feb 2013.  We will be in Rio Dulce Mon-Wed next week, back home a day and then I drive with Mike Brubaker to Hospital Shalom on Friday, deliver some items and pick up some items on Saturday and back to the city on Sunday.  This is a lot of driving for an old man.

Tentatively Peggy (youngest daughter) is coming down for Christmas, not sure yet if any other family members are coming.  We are actively in the process of seeking smaller house and closer to the bodega to control some of our budget issues.

Also I have deleted my Face book account.  For those who may communicate thru that venue please use our ministry email ( to write notes to me.  I was spending too much time and there is way too much basura (garbage) coming across the screen.

Photo album for this posting linked here.

Thank you for prayers for Cindy in recent past, in case you have not heard the good news.  Our surgeon here has deemed the defect on mammography simple scar and changes consistent with (cough) age.  It is tremendous weight off our daily load.  We will repeat mammograms in Jan 2013 as a precaution.  We are grateful for the prayer support of the body and bride of Christ.

In Christ, Dennis and Cindy

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