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The Idea of Servanthood…


is so perverted in our day.  We allow culture to define our words.  In our day we ‘servants’ need to get our way.  We need a contract and minimum wage and if we don’t get that we write our congressman or get the union involved.  Our will be done.  Your will be done is OK as long as we can fit it into my schedule and it doesn’t make me uncomfortable.  This is being an employee and is not Biblical servanthood.

Jesus Christ is many things to us.  One of those roles is Servant (yes King, Redeemer, Savior, High Priest, God in flesh and many other things).  Jesus was first to pick up the towel and wash basin to wash his disciples (underlings) feet.  Jesus’ primal desire was to glorify and please His Father.  How do you make Dad smile?  You do what He desires before He tells you!  A servant has an eye on the Master and when the Master’s head turns toward something to be done, the good servant runs to do that thing.

An employer took me to a 5 star restaurant. What an experience.  You could not empty your glass, before a waiter filled it; drop your fork and you could not get to it fast enough.  The waiter had a clean one on the table and had removed the soiled one.  The waiter inspected your food and if not pleasing to his eye it was not brought to the table.  When you were done eating your salad, the plate was gone and if you had any complaint it was handled with grace and SPEED.  You the customer were the master of your realm.

The Servant taught us to pray, “…Your will be done…”  Jesus, totally God and fully man, in the Garden of Gethsemane knowing crucifixion was coming the next day spoke the words, “never the less not My will but Your will be done.”  Three times!  A servant has no rights to himself, his desire is for the Master first, servants needs are a distant second.  Christian, do you understand the example of Servanthood that our LORD has given us?  I got a taste of it recently in a real Guatemalan parable.

I had written recently about Rancho de Esperanza, the orphan ministry of friends Mike and Karen Rhea north of Rio Dulce.  In that post I mentioned about the need for a dentist.  I intentionally did NOT ask the Borrayo’s (Sonrisas de Amor – Smiles of Love) for help.  They are so busy already.  When I first met Victor and Evelyn they were intentionally setting aside one work day out of their month for ministry/mission work.  The second year of our acquaintance they increased that commitment to five, yes 5, work days a month.  Evelyn has in addition committed to a fellowship in pediatric dentistry in El Salvador every weekend for the next 6 months.  Because they are busy I did not mention this directly to them but put it out generally in our blog.  In less than 12 hours Victor had called me and asked if they could help.  Victor and Evelyn know their Master’s Heart for orphans and widows and were compelled to respond.  Servant hearts moved by Christ’s compassion have powerful effects.

Before I give you the resultsstats, there are other servants in this event.  We planned ahead and carved out three days for the Borrayos  and Cindy and I to go.  Cindy and Karen enjoy each other’s company.  A container came in and due to paper work, financial issues, holiday, etc., we could not get the container to the bodega before we would go to Rio Dulce.  We had made ourselves available every day including Sat. and Sunday.  But the shipping company could only deliver on Monday, the day we were going to leave at 5:30 in the morning.  They would charge us additional rental fees on the container, DAILY, and it would be Thursday before we could receive it if both Cindy and I went.  Cindy came up with the suggestion she remain behind, Mike Brubaker with Orphan Resource International drove the fork lift and unloaded the container at about the time we were setting up the dental room at Rancho de Esperanza.  So both Cindy and Mike saw a need and ran to get it done.  I believe all these Victor, Evelyn, Mike and Cindy caused their Master’s face to erupt into a smile.

Monday evening, and all day Tuesday, Victor and Evelyn sat in a fixed position working on 22 patients (the kids, staff and immediate family members) and did 46 fillings for cavities, 24 sealants, 10 extractions, 5 cleanings.   All this was done at Borrayos expense, so anyone felt called to donate to Sonrisa de Amor?  Let me know and I will tell you how to get ‘er done.

Personally, Cindy and I are moving to a smaller condominium in September which will be a great help financially to our budget.  We believe this an answer to prayer.  The condo is substantially less than what we asked the LORD for and the location is “killer” being less the 3/4 mile from the gate to the bodega.  Monthly expenses should be less as well.  Thank you to all who prayed with us for this to work out.

Photos linked in red here or above.

In Christ, Dennis and Cindy McCutcheon

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  1. Will & Denise permalink
    23/09/2012 12:09

    What is the best way too donate to Sonrisa de Amor?


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