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Motorcyle and a Wheelchair…


This will be a quick note.  Two containers arrived recently.  One was wheelchairs, rolling walkers, walkers, pottie chairs, rehab chairs from Wheels of Hope in Ohio and the next was a medicine container from Medical Assistance Program (MAP) in Brunswick GA.  Since they were arriving close together I waited til this last Sunday to announce the arrival of both in the same newsletter to the organizations that use Vine Internatinoal bodega.  It has taken a week but the phone calls have finally slowed down.  Every day has been full (what Cindy calls a feeding frenzy).  So full we often forget to take photos.  BUT this was a little unusual.

A pastor friend called and asked if we would give one chair to a man he was working with whose mother in law was wheelchair fast and in great need.  ‘Of course’ says I… well his only transportation is a motorcylce.  I asked what Woody Woodson calls a DQ (dumb question).  Most of our readers would ask, “How is he going to get this home on a motorcycle?”…. Pastor Nacho laughed at me and says, “this is Guatemala brother!”  and so it is.  Enjoy the PHOTOS linked here and thank you Wheels of Hope and MAP for your work in Guatemala.

On a personal note, it seems the move to the condo is NOT happening.  We are trusting the LORD has something better in mind.  We deeply appreciate your prayers for us, particularly in this issue as we try to act in faith in the area of finances.  We know our LORD and have tested Him in the McCutcheon family in so many ways.  He IS faithful.   Now back to work.

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