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Casa de McCutcheon


We were blessed by those who were here before us.  Dennis and Doris Rice had been in Guatemala for 15 years, in the Peten, with Vine International in Xela and then the move of Vine International warehouse to the current site about 7 years ago.  They had house, vehicles, furniture, etc all set up.  Cindy and I simply moved in as they moved home.  It was the smoothest transition to the mission field for any couple we know.  Cindy and I are truly blessed.

The first house was big enough for keeping teams, great location for the ministry and the rent was 650$ a month which for location was very fair.  But with budgetary constraints and our limited work with teams we started looking at ways to control our budget.  I will spare the blow by blow search for new digs, but after a couple of failures ( smile – God watches out for us and keeps us from making mistakes ),  our landlord at the bodega (warehouse) joined the search.  In less than 8 hours he called and said we were going to be neighbors… The Rices and Woody just choked on their coffee.  You see our landlord has a large house on the swankiest golf club in Guatemala.  Just from the phone call I said we couldn’t – to which he laughed and said just wait and see.  Well it turns out he is building another house very close to the bodega and as it turns out we ARE neighbors.  This is a little bungalow, less than half the floor space of the house we left.  Downsizing was necessary.  We had the joy of giving away furniture to some of our discipleship group and to a pastor friend.  (Dennis and Doris, I will try to get a photo of your large hutch in the Sanchez’s kitchen – its new home.  How many men did it take to move that thing anyway?)

In regard to financial issues, the rent will be less than what we prayed about, monthly expenses will be greatly reduced (electrical, water, maintenance fees).  The location will be a huge blessing in managing the ministry.  Woody is threatening to get me a mountain bike to cut fuel cost even more.  There are some small difficulties.  Ants, no Internet line or cable being the biggest, but there are ways around that.  We had just this year purchased Sky Satellite service for television (they have FOX News and we had to pay extra for that on cable).  Cindy got on the phone and asked Sky to send their crew to deinstall and reinstall the dish.  We were told in would be three – five days between deinstall and when another crew would come do the install and we would be responsible for transportation of the equipment.  Well Cindy “feeds and waters” the original crew.  Low and behold it is the same crew that comes to do the de-install.  I was tied up doing other things and Cindy met them at the first house.  She asked when they could come do the install.  The crew boss looked at her and said, “For you – we will do it right now!”  Try a little Christian kindness and watch what happens folks.  OH yes, back to the ants.  In less than three days they built a large nest inside my main desk drawer… let’s just say we are winning that war. Financially this move will help us a lot.  We believe that this was done in obedience to a move of the LORD and we thank Hans for jumping in and helping.

We are in a much more rural neighborhood.  A laminate roof that allow us to hear the rain at night, fruit trees (banana, limes, fig, and a couple I can’t ID), neighbors that come out of their homes and greet us, are among those blessings that can’t be scored by dollars.  We have opportunities to minister with our neighbor that did not exist before.  Enough words for now, enjoy the photos linked here.  Be sure to check out some of the captions.

Thank you all for your financial support, please share this blog with others interested in missions.  We had the blessing of picking up a supporter this last month after they found the blog doing a search for orphanages in Central America.

Please pray with us for friends, Hank, Carmen, Woody and Mary who are in various stages of health issues.  Let us know if we can pray for you.  Best email contact for me is

In Christ,

Dennis and Cindy McCutcheon

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  1. Will & Denise permalink
    26/10/2012 09:18

    We enjoyed the pictures you posted, we are praying with you.


    • 26/10/2012 16:13

      thank you Will and Denise. Mike Rhea was in our home over the weekend and you have successfully come up on his radar screen. Thanks for that too.


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