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Time to help our neighbors!!!


This storm is amazing.  We have nieces and nephews in mid Maryland and Pennsylvania in the midst of this and we are praying.  My mother is in the snow belt in WV.  While we have not heard from all we are confidant all are well.  We continue to pray.

I do not want to offend but in times like this peculiar things happen.  After Hurricane Mitch in Honduras, donations poured in from the USA.  One town at the end of the road needing food and water was excited to see a tractor trailer come into town.  The driver did not even know what was in the load (hard to imagine but being here I can believe it).   They popped the doors to find a trailer full of women’s sanitary napkins.  The driver almost was killed.  This is a striking example of an inappropriate donation.  Then there were the high heels and sub arctic parkas….

Think about what you are giving.  Appropriate donations early are the basics, food that doesn’t require refrigeration, pure water, shovels, brooms, chain saws, tarps, blankets, opening your home to keep a family can all be appropriate donations at this time.  We at Vine International are called to give generously here in Guatemala.  We are blessed beyond measure by so many in the USA.  You bless us financially to do the work we do for personal support and direct support of the needs of ministry (container rental, road use and fuel fees, etc) and the material donations…. we could not do this without you.  On occasion we get inaapropriate donations (gasp!).  There is an idea among Christians that missionaries can use anything.  I know of TWO instances where used tea bags were sent to missionaries.  Do you know what happens to damp used teabags?  they grow hair.

OK enough preaching to the choir.  Please give generously.  Remember the work of your hands and heart will in places mean as much as canned goods and tarps. 

One thing to make you smile.  Here is a photo of a poinsettia just outside our gate and on the next door property.  You know that plant you get for the church and house for Christmas and you kill it by mid January???  My grandmother was a plant lover and would get them to winter over with a ton of tender loving care but they were thin and spindly…. so here is an early Christmas gift for y’all.  Yes that is a poinsettia.

Praying for y’all from Guatemala.

In Christ,

Dennis and Cindy

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