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Graduation and earthquake update


First the earthquake; Vine International is responding in a few different ways.  First we have sent  much of a large pickup load of hand gel, masks, neosporin, crutches and all the blankets we had along with a couple of backboards for local volunteer fire crews.  This will be delivered by John Diehl one of our board members on this end of the pipeline.  Next we help in the usual way through giving to specific ministries that work in that region – another doctor is coming tomorrow to pick up selected items to serve the region.  We also have a cash donation that we will get into a couple of local pastors hands to use as they best see fit.  We find that local eyes of pastors,  bomberos (volunteer firemen) and trusted local leaders are the best at making decisions like this.  Politicians and government hacks are often the worst means of dispersing aid money and material.  Also sending relative small lots through several individuals and groups has benefit.  Tractor trailers can only get so deep in the country side. Hoarding and poor delivery to pont of terminal need are disgustingly rampant.  The aid we send has come to us from individuals, the JAMES Project, MAP, Samaritan’s Purse, Lookout Baptist Church in WV.  We at Vine International deeply appreciate your support and we are blessed knowing that there are acute needs “at home”.  May God show His Hand of provision on your behalf.  We will continue to respond to that need as the LORD allows and directs.

GRADUATION DAY:  Ahh yes, and life continues in other realms.  Cindy and I do other things here besides unloading containers, stacking shelves, sweeping floors, work on a cantankerous forklift… Pastor Ignacio of El Bario for Christ invited us to a graduation.  El Bario has a deal with a local adult education school Instituto Frederico Crowe, where the ministry pays half and the school scholarships half the costs for some of the men and women that have given their lives to the LORD.  When the money is not in the ministry, I know Ignacio digs into his own pocket to keep this aspect of El Bario for Christ many ministries going.  This school was started as I understand by Dr. Samuel Berberian (his wife is Martha Saint-Berberian = Nate Saints niece I think).  Dr. Berberian is Dean of School of Theology PanAmerican University.  This school teaches junior high and high school level to about 100 adult students.  Bible teaching is a major part of the instruction.   I hope to learn more of this school as time goes on.

Our friend Freddy (whom some of our readers have worked and laughed with) graduated high school and is heading into college level graphic design.  It was moving to see his family run to the stage and hug him.  Ingrid graduated on this day too.   El Barios ministry, in fact,  keeps 12 students for which the ministry pays.  One portion of the event was to recognize 10 top underclassmen.  El Bario placed FIVE on that list.  That is right 5 of 12 students  I know these men and women.  I know from whence they came and I had tears in my eyes as I saw them recognized.  As amazing as this group is, not one of them would take credit for who they have become.  They will tell you quite honestly they could not do what they have done without being transformed by their LORD JESUS CHRIST.  The LORD has literally turned their world upside down and I believe God will use these men and women to flip the communities and families they live in.  I so look forward to the fruit that will come as Freddy, Anna, Stephan, Eric, Ingrid and the rest of these friends are used by Jesus to pour out torrents of Living Water on the world around them.  I take more pride in their graduation than my own, they worked harder for it.  Please enjoy the photos linked here.

In Christ, Dennis and Cindy McCutcheon  – next blog – a wedding!!!

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