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A Guatemala Wedding


Cindy and I are blessed to be able to help Ignacio and Sandra Sanchez in their ministry through EL Barrio for Christ.  They have been ministering in the street and prisons.  When Jesus lays claim to the heart of a man, we should expect to see change, transformation.  That is what happened to Luis.  In counseling Ignacio and Snadra encourage obedience to God’s commands.  Luis became convicted that he needed to marry Sylvia and change the situation but did not have money for a wedding.  Don’t let lack of money keep you from obeying what God has laid on your heart was Ignacio’s counsel.  Ignacio started raising the money and Cindy and I joined in the planning.  We were moving in the midst of this.  We planned on taking money from the return of our deposit to help pay for the wedding, but the landlord did not return the deposit.  With the expenses of moving we could contribute very little to the process.  The Leamans came to Guatemala and borrowed the car for a week in early November and gave us Q500 which we donated to the cause.  But the major funding came through donations to El Barrios for Christ and it was awesome to see God provide from His Hand.  If I understood correctly even the dress for Sylvia came through El Barrios for Christ.  When you ask Ignacio where the money came from, and he just looks at you and smiles and says, “you KNOW where it comes from.”   Another one of those 3-G moments = God Gets the Glory.

I volunteered us to provide the cake.  Ignacio says just go to Price Mart (Ingles/Sam’s Club kind of thing) to get the cake.  He is fortunate Cindy was not there, she would have hit him. We have an ace cake baker in the hole.  Risa Freed 15 y/o friend of the family is an artist.  Wait til you see the photo.  It was hard for Sylvia to cut the cake when the time came.  Not only did it look spectacular, it tasted good too.  If you need a special cake in Guatemala, do I have a deal for you.

It was to be a small event with about 30 people.  Ignacio and friends did a bang up job with flowers and decorations.  The staff at El Aprisco (some of our readers have stayed there) were gracious.  The grounds were immaculate.  It was a beautiful spot for a wedding.

Ignacio came up to me about 10-15 minutes before the wedding and asked if I would “give” the bride away.  This is an immense honor.   To see these two believer’s act on their conviction and obey God’s word was a joy.  But then to be called on to add a blessing to this union was quite humbling.  Ignacio came to the front and translated my prayer/blessing on Luis and Sylvia.

When the wedding  was complete we all sat down to eat and enjoy fellowship.  Our friend Freddy was there and always security conscious, he walked us all the way to the car at the end.  Vine International loaned out the blue van for a bus for many in the wedding party.   It was a very neat weekend.  Please enjoy the photos linked here. 

In Christ, Dennis and Cindy McCutcheon

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