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Merry Christmas from Guatemala


A brief note from Cindy and I.  I have been very ill with fever up to 103 until yesterday for the five days before.  I am weak, but I have an opportunity to teach about Jesus this evening.  Can’t pass that up.  Praying for strong voice, strong words and a message of truth.  We are a little bummed out.  Peggy couldn’t come due to loosing her passport, but we would have had to stay here due to my being sick.  Peggy started her “big girl job” (other daughter Hadley’s words).  She will have benefits – YEA!  Delta treated us good.  They waived the exchange fee and gave Peggy a $124 voucher.  Cindy spent an hour on the cell phone with a nice lady from India.  I had to leave as I was not helping.  It is a good thing my son Jason was not here.  He is a comedienne when it comes to those kind of phone calls.   Ask Cindy about the experience the next time you see her.

Today has been full of blessed visits and phone calls (no nap) but a joy to visit with friends.  One couple brought tamales, a tradition here in Guatemala… I should have taken photos but they smelled so good and I haven’t eaten much but saltines in five days.  Ok photos next year.   Our next door neighbor brought some of her best flowers as a gift.  Humbling, as she is widowed with five children.  How many of us give our best?  Or do we give out of duty and then it’s cheap from China.  We are going over when the bread is done and givegifts in the next couple of hours.  Then at 8:00 pm it is to Hans’ house for fireworks, Bible teaching and lots of food.

Cindy and I remember with broken hearts the families in Connecticut.  Sort of blunts some of the trivial trash (fights over sneakers) that hits the news, doesn’t it.  LORD please help those parents and family members.  IN the midst of this we would point all to Jesus whose birth we celebrate at this time.  Not a green tree, but a tree was used to hold His body up on that last day.  Not Santa Claus but all who believe (saints each one) they are in need of a Saviour, that is what we should dwell on.

A final note, check out the website for Community Chapel of Greenville SC by clicking on the name.  When the home page opens you will see Dr. Sergio Castillo in the right hand column.  Scroll over his name and click.  It will take you to a Vimeo clip of his talk yesterday.  Dr. Castillo and his family are dear friends and co workers here in Guatemala.  He is national board member for Vine International.  Because of quality of our internet connection we have been unable to watch all the way through, but he telss a couple of stories that will make you grateful for Memorial Mission Hospital (or what ever your local hospital).  It is less than 50 minutes (short for a Calvary Chapel service).   No photos today.

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