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2012 in review


Dr. Sergio CastilloDr. Sergio Castillo and his family are in the air on the way back from Greenville SC where they visited with one of the teams that support them during the year.  This is an exciting growing relationship.  Cindy and I believe this to be an answer to prayer.  We ask that not only does the “jungle hospital” grow but the local church is strengthened and new churches planted due to the emphasis of evangelism this team brings to this region.  Click on his name and it will take you to his sermon from December 23, 2012.  It will be about 50 minutes of blessing and the challenge from both Sergio and Pastor Rit at the end are worthy of consideration.

2012 is at an end.  Woody Woodson, our boss, will do some final calculations.  It appears we may have to count the final two containers shipped the first week of December as the first two containers of 2013… urgh!  But we did a lot this past year.  We will do a compilation in the next blog or two.  I do have some stats for the blog.  We had close to 3,000 hits on 24 posts in 2012.  We got hits from USA, Guatemala, Canada, UK, Brasil, Columbia, Peru, France, India, Ukraine, Afghanistan, in all people in 54 countries took a look at us this past year.

I will keep this brief as I really would love for you to take the time to watch Dr. Castillo’s sermon.  He is a servant of the LORD and Vine International is a servant to this servant and over 100 others in Guatemala.  About mid way through he gives a couple of examples of patients and a snoring man in his Bible Study classes that will warm your heart.

Cindy and I are grateful for your continued prayer and financial support.  In Christ, Dennis and Cindy McCutcheon

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