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Taught on thankfulness


to a group of friends.  Lev. ch. 7 teaches on free will offerings and a thanksgiving offering is outlined there.  While not a command of the level of sin/repentance offering, it seems to me that if we are to obey His Word we should on occasions look up and offer thanks to He Who created us and gave us physical life and made a way for life eternal.  Then there are those blessings that come everyday.  Even when customs holds up your container making it necessary to drive 6 hours one way   Where you get to meet the family that works the ports for us (Vine International and Tejeda-Harris) who are equally frustrated.  While sitting “10 minutes” these new friends express their gratitude for a wheelchair about two years ago for their 80+ yr. old grandmother that allowed them to care for her at home until she died a few months ago.  I did not know we had done that (it turns out we didn’t – Andrea and Sonia had asked for a friend and it was our pleasure to do this).  But Vine is merely a pipeline or garden hose through which that given by God, in Jesus name is passed on to friends in Guatemala that God has called us to serve, whom He loves and cares for.  It is frankly embarrassing to receive gratitude so misplaced.

It is God Who deserves this gratitude and not us.  But then I understand our new friend when with tears in her eyes she recounts how that simple chair allowed them coveted time with a loved one in the last months of life.  She has thanked her God but just like us we want to thank everyone in that pipeline through which God chooses to work.  That chair came from Wheels of Hope in Ohio, loaded by volunteers, driven to Mobile Bay in Alabama by a driver I will never meet, loaded on a boat, crosses the Gulf of Mexico to Puerto Barrios or Santo Tomas and offloaded and another driver contracts with DOLE to deliver it to our warehouse and in this specific chairs case we delivered to Tejeda Harris office who shipped it back to Puerto Barrios.  It would be nice if we could express our gratitude to every soul in this stream.  BUT ultimately God is the Giver and He alone in a very real sense deserves our gratitude.

Thank you LORD for Your attention to details that are beyond my feeble mind’s capacity to keep track of.  You see needs before they occur and set into motion all these events so that we who serve You can do Your will.  We thank YOU and strongly desire to serve in a way that makes You smile.  We pray this in the name of Jesus.

On a personal note… our oldest daughter Casey is getting married to Jeremy Smith.  Yes Aunt Kate (Smith) there is going to be another Smith in the family.  This is the niece born on the same day as Aunt Kate 30 yrs later and she is going to be a Smith too.  Chances of that are????  We will be in the states most of the last two weeks of February.  Peggy returns to Guatemala with us for about 10 days.  February will be full.  We are helping with travel needs for a team led by dear friends Dennis and Doris Rice, the first week or so of Feb.

If you are in the Knoxville area I will be speaking to a Friends of Vine International meeting Saturday morning at 8:00 location to be announced.  We will share about the usual stuff but also some things happening here that we do not brag about publicly.  If you are close come and see.

and yes while the staff at Vine are grateful to God we understand that you who support with prayer, material and financial gifts are equally called to this work.  We do not take that lightly, especially in this time.

Thank you,

In Christ, Dennis and Cindy McCutcheon  (Oh yes, 6 hour drive, 10 minute wait turned into 45 minutes and had to sign my name 4 times 35 seconds of work.  The blessing was Mike and Karen Rhea were with us and we met Lionel and Annel Zea .  Worth every mile)

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