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Wedding done, heading back to Guatemala


Well the wedding is complete,  Oldest daughter Casey is married to Jeremy Smith.  And Jennie no one saw me cry.  Rick call me and I will tell you how it is done.   Chuckle.  We skipped church this morning to visit with famliy that we do not get to see very often.  We were disappointed that some of our nieces and nephews could not make it die to death in the famliy, jobs and distances too great.  Peggy sang a beautiful duet with Tim Kirkpatrick and had to endure a failed start due to failure with the sound system.  They recovered nicely.

Casey made a unique request that the whole congregation come to the front and a very large group photo was taken.  She may have started a new tradition in the family.  Everyone seemed to enjoy being part of the ceremony.

It has been very busy and we have been very ill in the midst of this.  We are sorry but we got very littel else done except what was necessary for the wedding.  Productive cough, sore throat and fever of 101 (both Cindy and I) have made for a difficult week.  We are now packing, will return borrowed car tomorrow, make sure we have PASSPORTS PEGGY, tweak some banking issues, get a box of pepperment tea.  We bought five pounds of stone ground grits today, part to fix the dryer in in hand.  I think the checklist is done.   Our oldest son is going to haul us to the aiport at 4:30 on Tuesday morning and we will be in Guatemala by mid day.  Peggy will be with us.  Our calendar is full from now until August.

I did find that officiating a wedding steps on being an amateur photographer.  So for the good stuff you are going to have to wait for the pro, but there are a few things linked in the album at our Smugmug account.  Please enjoy.

Thank you for your support.  In Christ, Dennis and Cindy McCutcheon

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