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Back home in Guatemala…


We are back “in the jungle”.  Our neighbors ran over and gave us hugs in the uninhibited Guatemalan style.  Lilly is a widow with five children ages 6 to 19.  Her car was stolen while we were gone from the parking lot at the school where she recently got a job.  We are praying for the return of the car, but here it is unlikely.  Also praying that God will intervene on her behalf.  We have started a pancake breakfast (supper tonight) that seems to be a real hit.  Our round table gets real crowded and full of joy with Lilly and the kids.

We enjoyed our time in the USA and with family at Casey and Jeremy’s wedding.  I am justly being blamed for carrying a severe cold and many have come down with all the symptoms.  I am so sorry.  But couldn’t miss the wedding and you guys sure wouldn’t delay.  While there we did not have time to see some of the churches who support us, for which we feel regret.  We need some wisdom and discernment about handling this part of our schedule.  As it was, I only got about three hours of Olivia (granddaughter) time.

I had the opportunity to preach at Community Chapel Greenville SC and you can view that at the link here.  It is 45 minutes long.  Go to the right hand corner where Pastor Rit’s photo is and click on “more media” then on Dennis McCutcheon 20 February.  Cindy and I are grateful for the support CCG puts into Guatemala and pray for continued evangelism and unique combination of Gospel sharing through medical mission here in Guatemala.

Can I speak to the men on this list for a moment.  It was a pleasure for me to take an hour or so and attend an indoor soccer match in Black Mountain.  A friend of the family has a young son on the team and we cheered his efforts.  It was a small thing.  But in the two weeks we were in North Carolina we had two moms sit with Cindy and ask how to get help getting a good masculine example for their sons.  Both are divorced from men who are living with other women now and not the best examples for their sons.  I KNOW from my experience here in Guatemala that fatherless sons are fodder for gangs, and the criminal element.  There is a call to ministry here.  Step up men, show respect publicly and by deeds for your wives and daughters (these young boys are watching you).  Prayerfully take one or two young men like this under your wing.  Take them fishing and hunting, attend their sports events and let them see you interact properly at home with your family.  Those of you with strong marriages reach out to these single mothers as they are themselves wounded and are hurting for their children.  Cindy and I serve a ministry named Vine International  and we are blessed.  However, I believe when the final accounting is done ministry at family level, ministry that does not have a name or legal nonprofit status  will make Jesus smile the most.  We count it a privilege to do what Jesus would have us do with Lilly and her children.  He planted us here for more than Vine International alone.  Speak Jesus into young lives.

Share the blog with those you think will be blessed.  We are grateful for your continued support.  Please pray for my eyes.  I will see a doctor here next week and hopefully will be able to get cataract removal in the next few weeks.  Cindy and Peggy took over driving due to my eyesight.  Apparently driving is getting too exciting for their taste.  Second week of March a group of doctors from Iowa are visiting Adonai Minitries International looking at starting a Christian hospital in one of the most needful places I know on earth.  That will get a blog post of its own soon.  Lots of things are coming together for that project which we/you will be part of.  Vine International has a team, “Friends of Vine” coming third week of March. Actually the schedule is full through August for us.  Please put Lilly our neighbor on your prayer list.  No photos this time.  Until I get the eyes fixed trying to work with the photos is frustrating.

In Christ, Dennis and Cindy McCutcheon

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  1. Max permalink
    02/03/2013 09:18

    Thanks for the encouraging words for dads/men, Dennis. As you know, being a dad is a full time ministry that leaves little time and energy for anything else, so your words help us realize that there is great reward for our effort as well as great danger for those in need of that male role model. It is heartbreaking to see so many go without that fatherly example God intended, so let’s all do something about it. There is something we can do– even if it is only a little something.
    As always, we are praying for you guys- and now for Lilly and family.

    PS I always enjoyed your exciting driving. (grin)


  2. Will & Denise permalink
    08/03/2013 07:36

    Good read, thanks for posting this. You are so right! Glad you guys had a safe, fun trip. We are praying for you guys and Lilly/family.


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