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Peggy leaves on Friday…


Peggy said at breakfast this morning (Thursday) in a serious tone, “I have really enjoyed my time with you guys, BUT I miss my dogs.”  Nice to know where we rank.   We have enjoyed our time with Peggy, going to Rio Dulce and spending a weekend with friends, day trip to Antigua and the rest of the time just letting her sleep late and quiet time.  Quiet time…. well the firecrackers at 4:30 to 5:00 in the morning, two containers, an eye doctors appointment, couple of trips to the bodega, vaccinating the neighbors dogs and cat for rabies, treating them for fleas and ticks, but otherwise a quiet week.

The girls are going to play a little this morning (Thursday) and get a pedicure.  We are going to try roasted carrot and ginger soup for supper (I will let you know how that turns out).  Pack her bags tonight and get her to the airport tomorrow.  Always a difficult thing to do.  Always.

Then it is back to real work.  Container number 150 arrives next week, one of three containers that week.  The following week will have a team of 7 running around the country checking on distribution process.  Mike Rhea of Rancho de Esperanza (Ranch of Hope one of our favorite orphanages in Guatemala) has volunteered to drive and my eyes appreciate that so much.  MAP International ( is exploring increasing its footprint in Central America, and ‘wink’, we want to encourage them to do so.  MAP started shipping medicines out of a doctor’s office in 1954 in Chicago and now have a huge warehouse in Brunswick GA and ship literally tons of life saving meds each year.  They are our source for prenatal vitamins, antibiotics and many other medicines.  MAP is a blessing to Vine International and Guatemala from our perspective.  They do a lot of excellent ministry around the world.

Some of our board members will be with the group and we will have a formal board meeting on Saturday 23 rd before they leave the country.

Pray for Cindy as she will be driving into and out of the city a couple of times the first week of April.  I will have my first cataract removed and lens replacement on right eye April the first, then if all goes well the left eye will be done April 4th or 8th.  Cindy and I use Dr. Anderson in Asheville NC.  We have always been pleased with his work and I frankly would be more comfortable with Dr. Anderson at the table.  But I do not have health insurance and here I can get the surgery done for less than the plane tickets for return to the states.  Cataracts will effect 70% of Guatemalans and it has become a fairly common surgery here.  Dr. Yee does both private practice and a significant amount of work on the poor of Guatemala.  I will get both eyes done for about  $1500.  Someone very close to me has already covered 2/3rds of that so this will not be a stress to our budget.  Dr. Anderson told me a year ago to get them done, but trying to clear the schedule, find the finances etc. I have put it off for a year.  It can no longer be put off.

So put me on your prayer list for April 1st along with my brother in the LORD Hank Lueck who is repeating a PET scan on that day…. Hank I will be praying for you while I am laying there doing nothing.

Addendum… very large attack by 300 state police, 100 military with helicopters on our end of San Jose Pinula.  They are going after local gang aggressively.  They have set up tents and are here to stay for awhile it looks like.  We have shut down service for a few days.  Will see how first of the week looks.  We feel safe but do not want our friends driving through the hot spot.

Another addendum… don’t add fresh cilantro to the roasted carrot soup.  Tastes fine but turns the color of the soup to an unappetizing puke brown.  We will eat it and it is worth trying again.  Roast  a bunch of carrots, fresh ginger garlic, onion, salt and pepper for close to an hour in olive oil at 350.  Then simmer in chicken broth for 20 minutes and blend with one of those portable blenders… it is good and tasty… just don;t add fresh cilantro.  It’s a color thing.  You eat with your eyes and nose before it goes over the lips don’t you know.

And one last thing, I cannot get the photo album for Peggy’s trip to upload so it will come later.

In Christ,

Dennis and Cindy McCutcheon

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  1. Doris permalink
    10/03/2013 19:20

    So glad you all had a good visit with Peggy! We’ll be praying for your safety as well as success with the surgery! Godspeed!


  2. Will & Denise permalink
    24/03/2013 07:37

    Dennis & Cindy we hope you guys are doing well, sorry we missed you when you were in the states. We pray your eye surgeries go well. Thanks too both of you for being there and doing this important work, God bless you both.


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