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I am a little bored…


Cataract surgery is done.  I am blessed to be able to see.  We are grateful for your prayer support.  And I hate to complain.  The doctor here is enforcing a slow down in my activity.  I must avoid dusty situations…. (it is the end of the dry season and we live on a dirt road) and I can’t lift over 20 pounds which in effect keeps me from driving the fork lift.  Can’t lift the pallets on the floor and toss them over my head on the pile of pallets we recycle.  Can’t lift the empty propane bottles so need to depend on friends at Orphan Resource International to do some of the chores that can’t be ignored.

So trying my best to enjoy the forced vacation.  Except things don’t wait.  So working on  paper work (hellish part of any job), updating email lists for notification of containers and blog posts.  Trying to catch up on phone calls.  Boring.

If you like flowers, it is a pretty time of year here.  It is the end of the dry season the air is still and warming rapidly.  The jasmine that lines our driveway gives the air a wonderful light perfume in the evenings.  Bird of Paradise, azaleas, Crown of Thorns are all blooming prolifically.  When the rains come more flowers will bust out.  And here I am with some time on my hands, a camera and a pair of good eyes.  Well I guess the next blog will have to have some photos of flowers.

We will keep busy –  Communicating with some of the ministries that partner with us to supply the medical ministries here in Guatemala – getting some of the ministries here to put together their equipment wish lists – helping some friends set up short term team events – getting caught up with the accountant and some government paper work – meeting with staff at the First Lady’s Office about supplying medical ministries and serving the poor of Guatemala.  So I will try to be a good boy and avoid the physical labor for a season.

See how boring it is – you are bored reading this.  HA!  All right next week I will get you some photos of the flowers here.  Next month the containers are going to pickup and I will be released to go back to the REAL work.

Thank you for your support.  I have a painless way for you to support us financially.  When you search the internet, use Goodsearch ( ) and put ‘Vine International’ in the box when it asks for who you want to support.  Cindy and I are the only ones using this at this time and we have raised $3.25 in a little over two months.  Sounds small, but between us we have a couple hundred friends and family that follow the work we do.  Any amount over 25$ at the end of the year goes to Vine International for support of the work of Vine.  A penny a search does add up.  After you start to use Goodsearch, watch your pennies add up with others of our friends as they simply search the internet. There are also other ways that Goodsearch shares support – Goodshop at the same site allows you to shop online at hundreds of stores.  A percentage any where from 1 to 30% of your purchase goes to Vine.  Some of the discounts and coupons may actually save money on your purchases.  None of this comes out of your own wallet or purse.  Thank you again for your support.

In Christ, Cindy and Dennis McCutcheon

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  1. 14/03/2015 20:33

    Dear Brother and Sister in Yeshua Christ,
    It has been a long time since God first called you to Ministry and I thank Him alone that I was there beside you in the beginning. I also recall my time of God’s call so many years ago. May we both praise Him for the long years He by His grace and power has given us to serve.
    May you and your precious Cindy be blessed among men and women and before the Throne.
    Love in Jesus, Philip


    • 14/03/2015 21:59

      Rev. Phil, you and Marathon Ministry will always be a treasure stored in our memory of those first days. Our paths don’t cross these days but Cindy and I are blessed to be rubbing shoulders with you in His Harvest Fields. He is coming soon. I will see you in the air.
      In Christ,
      Dennis and Cindy McCutcheon


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