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One of those moments when God…


reinforces what He is teaching you.  I have enjoyed getting my eyesight back.  Reading is a pleasure not a struggle.  With the  enforced down time following surgery I have started a new blog.  “Good Book and a Cup of Coffee” is a review blog of Christian literature.  I hope to invite some other conservative Christian readers to help contribute to the blog as interest grows.  The first two posts have been John Piper’s, The Misery of Job and the Mercy of God, and Francis Chan’s book, “Crazy Love – Overwhelmed by a Relentless God.”  (IF you are interested in following that blog please log in on the site so you will be notified of new posts automatically.  I am not going to maintain a mailing list as that is a time sink that I try to keep up with on two other lists now)

My pastor and I have talked about those moments when God bores down into the details of our lives, loves, rebukes, teaches and blesses us in so many ways.  It will come from different places and angles at times.  One may not recognize it in the moment, but on occasion when He is teaching us spiritual truth and He reinforces by a physical situation and you recognize He is there, it is awesome.

So I was on our patio reading a good book and having a cup of coffee (hmmm?) when our neighbors daughter walks over and asks if I can take the family to town (their car has been stolen -tuctuc’s are too small for Lilly and the five children).  I had finished minutes before Ch. 6 of “Instruments in the Redeemer’s Hands” (Paul Tripp) where he talks about we WILL worship something or someone and it shows by how we live our daily lives.  How do we handle interruptions to our agenda?  Dr. Tripp had made me laugh using his 16 yr old son and the green hair incident to enforce his teaching.  If we are our own little kings then we manipulate those around us for our purpose.  If Christ is King and we then are good ambassadors, we represent Him, share His message, respond to interruptions as He would.   I meditated on that a short time, couple sips of coffee and was 5 pages into chapter 7 ‘Building Relationships by Entering Their World’ reading specifically what does redemptive relationship mean and look like…. when Gabby comes.  There was the briefest thought of “not now! I am enjoying quiet time and reading” – she was interrupting my little desert kingdom of self service you see.  But God was teaching His adopted Son and I could see it.  I know Gabby doesn’t understand why I laughed out loud.  Jesus was in my front yard, on my patio, teaching a stubborn adopted son a deep spiritual lesson.

With great joy and laughter and the hilarious attempts to communicate across our language barrier off we went to San Jose Pinula for Family Day at the local school with Miss Lilly and her five beautiful children and the chauffeur (me) praising God for standing with me and continuing to teach, continuing to sanctify this unworthy son.  Thank you Daddy!

Photos linked here include our neighbors.  But most are photos of flowers around the house for Cindy.  We are in the couple weeks of transition from dry season to wet season.  Many flowers are starting to pop.  The one very large white flower is a cactus that was budding as Cindy left for the states, so the photo is for her as she will not get back until it fades I fear.  There are pink flowers all over the yard causing a delay in mowing – at least that is my excuse and I know most of you would do the same so spare me the guilt ha ha ha.

Please pray for a container on the water (Gulf of Mexico) right now.  I am a little bored and looking for something to do.  Thanks to all who support us.  Please let us know how we can pray for you.

In Christ, Dennis and Cindy McCutcheon

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