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Final post op visit with Dr. Yee…


I read the 20/20 line on the eye chart today for the first time in years.  No glasses.  Eyes checked out very good following cataract surgeries.   Intraocular pressures are good.  Those who gave financially to allow us to do this surgery, we are grateful.  I am released to work the forklift and in the bodega (was sneakin’ a little anyway).  NOW if custom’s would release the container I would be happy as a pig in mud.

I have been reading more with the enforced restriction of labor.  Cindy visited in the US and got to see baby Sarah.  If I had known the container would be held in customs I would have gone home too… oh well.  All my time was not spent in chair reading.  With help from friends at Orphan Resource International we installed a new propane in line water heater.  (Paul Gordon a biomedical engineer student coming for almost 8 weeks will appreciate that = well he doesn’t know what the old one was like).  The roof was cleaned with about four bales of pine needles and eucalyptus leaves coming down.  Then scrubbed and painted/sealed.  The two roof leaks that weren’t a problem during dry season but would have been in the next couple of weeks.  These are sealed.  Thank you, Walls, Brubakers, Garcias for your hearts and hands.  Roses are blooming, jasmine is fading, Cindy is home and I can see.  Life is good.  Weeellll….

We are as low on supplies as I have ever seen the bodega.  Red tape in Guatemala is worse than it is in the USA.  Our attorney has been in the appropriate offices trying to sort out some of the documents that in my ignorance I let lapse.  We were so hoping to have an answer mid week this week (as assured by officers in said office) but it will be next week, or next.  So we are asking for prayers in regard to paper work issues, release of container and for resources to get container with basic supplies, dressing supplies, gloves, masks, syringes, needles, adult diapers and 100 other things necessary for our friends to run their clinics and hospitals.

We have a new hospital project in the works to serve Quiche and Alta Verapaz regions (central highlands – very exciting to see God at work there)  We will soon do a blog post on that project.  Also a restart of a clinic in the Rio Dulce area to serve rural poor in the areas outside the touristy places.  Pray for the LORD to provide the right national staffing for these, financial supply, and material support.

I have started a blog reviewing Christian books/literature.  This was something to fill the time while forced to avoid work.  It will help discipline me to read and learn.  If interested in a rather common man’s take on some good Christian books, check it out at Good Book and a Cup of Coffee.

We covet your prayers as requested above.

In Christ, Dennis and Cindy McCutcheon



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  1. permalink
    19/05/2013 12:00

    Love reading about the adventure God has you on.
    Thanks for the update.
    Very good reminder of the time spent in Guatemala.


    • 19/05/2013 19:52

      Hello Joe, Please keep your family safe during this tornado season. The video out of tornado ally is disturbing. Praying for my new friends in Iowa.


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