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Sunday Service and Discipleship


Sunday 19 May began with me putting Cindy back to bed.  She has what is affectionately called Mal de Mayo.  When the rains come and stir up the waters even seasoned Guatemalans get ill.  Usually it passes quickly (pardon the pun).  Cindy cried because she wanted to be with the group that was going to be at our house today.  Mike and Louise Brubaker and three lovely daughters from Orphan Resource International brought the On Steroid BBQ Grill, and helped me with final touches.  Our discipleship group came and took over the Rancho (little gazebo in front yard).  Our friend, Tigre, handled the teaching on leadership, while the Brubakers and I worked on Chicken BBQ, corn, tomato salad, refried beans, for lunch.  Risa Freed provided 103 cupcakes.  Our neighbor Gabby and Luz helped take care of the children while the parents attended training.

It is hard hot work, but the visible joy in our friends makes it all worth while.  It is the rainy season, but even that on this Sunday was a blessing.  It came as we ended the meal and the kids moved inside, the parents seemed free and relax.  Every where I looked there was conversation, smiles, the elders were obviously counseling in some cases.  This is such a good group that when they left there was very little to do except hit the easy chair and take a nap.  Enjoy the photos linked here.

Prayer concerns remain for a container to be released.  There are water filters destined for service in a very poor region in central Guatemala.  The clean water they provide can literally be life saving particularly for children.  The distribution is scheduled for end of this week.   We need time to ship to final location from the bodega.  Pray that the LORD cuts the red tape NOW!

In Christ

Dennis McCutcheon

PS… Container is released, in our possession and being dispersed.  Thank you for the prayer support.

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  1. Carl and Christina Fulton permalink
    28/05/2013 17:44

    we love you Cindy and we trust in our JESUS for healing.


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