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Repair of medical equipment…


is always on our minds here at Vine International.  We believe it to be one of the “missing links” in medical missions.  If you have followed the McCutcheon’s over the last 20 years you know it is a vision for us to provide repair of medical equipment for Christian medical ministries.  In that light, Paul Gordon is with us for about 8 weeks.  Paul is searching for what God desires in his life and has expressed an interest in medical missions.  He is a student in biomedical engineering program at University of Cincinnati and linked up with us through Technical Exchange for Christian Healthcare, Inc. (  He met some of our friends in TECH at the Global Medical Mission conference in Louisville KY last Nov.

We have put him to work on oxygen concentrators and vacuum pumps.  Oh yes there was the riding lawn mower destroyed by an orphanage… One day and Paul had it fixed.  Waiting on one necessary part from the USA and we will test and return that unit.  One of those lesson’s we serve by dealing with whatever God puts in front of us.  This will be a tremendous blessing even tho’ it has nothing to do with medicine.

Paul got to see a local church this past Saturday at work.  It is the church body of our dental friends Victor and Evelyn Borrayo (Smiles of Love).  This church has purposely bought property in a poor neighborhood and have started to serve the local community even before they have built a sanctuary.  We found them doing dentistry, general medical care, pharmacy, hair cuts, delousing, clothes distribution.  All who came had a chance for spiritual counseling, prayer and discipleship.

Vine International is committed to help both the dental and medical ministries through this church as they reach out in this barrio.

Paul is blogging about his experience here if you are interested. 

He has already archived I think three postings.  Obviously Paul is not as long winded as I am.  Photos for the day are linked here.

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  1. 03/06/2013 09:26

    I know Paul’s time there will be a blessing to Vine, and Paul himself will be blessed by hangin’ with Dennis and Cindy. Y’all rock!


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