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Peten and Tikal


Paul Gordon got to see Hospital Shalom in San Benito Peten.  He helped with research for a project dealing with CO2 Insufflator for abdominal laporoscopy.  We have been unable to find a manual (if you donate medical equipment to us please do your best to send the manuals).  So photos were taken, phone calls made to some of our favorite resource people in Technical Exchange for Christian Healthcare, Inc.  We know that Marty Hand and family are coming down in about 10 days, so the call goes to him as well and we are praying the hoses for this special need will be coming from Alabama next Saturday.  Paul seems to love a puzzle/problem and appears very good at getting solutions.  Other than that Paul got to see a hospital that works hard at support at all levels and particularly keeping up to date with biomedical issues.  Vine International has a long standing relationship with Hospital Shalom helping with many of their shipping needs.

Friday we went to Tikal where Paul got his ticket for 150 Quetzalis and I got mine for 25 Quetzalis.  My national residency card has its benefits.  chuckle.   In addition to the ruins (see photos here) we also saw leaf cutter ants, an oro pendula, other birds, one huge one that we are still trying to find out what it was… flowers, the only thing missing were the howler monkeys.

We had an excellent business meeting with Dr. Deborah Bell and Refuge International another ministry that Vine International helps.  She asked us to add the clinic/outpatient operating theater at Sarstoon.  So we committed to take Joe Leier who was with this team and head that direction on Saturday… subject of next post.

Paul has been blogging more regularly than I and you can check out his blog linked here.

In Christ, Dennis and Cindy McCutcheon

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