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It was Saturday so that must mean Sarstun…


It was that kind of schedule, some locations were canceled but Refuge International (RI) asked for help checking out medical equipment at a clinic/outpatient surgery site only accessible by water.  Hey, it was ‘on the way’.  If you get a map of Guatemala look just across the river from Belize almost in the ocean – there is Sarstun.  Long van ride.  Long boat ride, but beautiful river scenes.  Paul and Joe got to talk, and talk.  I was ballast in the back of the boat offsetting the tools and these two guys up front.

We assessed, “PM’d” several pieces of equipment, checked the anesthesia machines.  Oxygen sensors were corroded and pins were fouled.  We cleaned those.  Further checking showed that both 110 Volt and 220 Volt outlets properly installed behind the anesthesia machine.  Not sure why the 220 line.  changed the plugs as the units on the machine or anything plugged into the back of the machine would have been 110.  Water filtration unit RI has is an excellent unit but the UV light had failed.  Joe and Paul worked on that.

We were done in time to make it back to the van and allow our host to get back home before dark.  So we took advantage.  Hopefully one of these days we can go back to support one of the medical teams.

Please check out the photos.  RI has a much needed facility in a very rural place.  They do what a lot of our “partners” do.  They do the best with what they have.  I applaud them, but we need to help them improve “their serve.”  Please check out the photos of the surgical table.  If you are medical you will be startled – amazed or something.  RI has a surgical table in their sights in Texas, hopefully Vine International will ship it soon.  And it will get put onto a small  boat in Puerto Tomas or Barrios and hauled to this facility to replace the unit they now have.  When you support Vine materially or financially you help over 100 Christian medical and humanitarian medical sites in Guatemala with problems such as these.

Paul Gordon is seeing some amazing things here in Guatemala.  One thing is the contrasts – cell towers and high end water filtration units and ancient insufflators, oxygen concentrators and vacuum pumps.  He has  a mind for puzzles and we try to give him a new puzzle every day.

Marty Hand and his family from Alabama, are here in Guatemala.  We will pick them up from Casa/Clinica Angelica and spend Thursday with them and get them to the airport on Friday.  So looking forward to their story (well not the Friday arrival where it involved me – the Hands assure me they have forgiven me).  Marty has been with me in Dominican Republic, and two or three times in Guatemala to repair medical equipment.  But he is a McGyver, from what I hear he has had his hands in the washing machine, dryer, microwave and has been through the clinic there.   Perhaps we will get something on the blog from the Hand family soon.

We deeply appreciate your support.  We watch closely the news and know that economic issues are very real.  We have seen drop off in support.  Please take care of your families, your homes and businesses.  God takes care of us.  We do ask that you would consider sharing our work with others who have a love of missions.  Medical missions done properly are a great way to share the truth of Christ.

Check out Paul’s blog at   Photos for this blog linked here.

In Christ, Dennis and Cindy McCutcheon

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