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Vilma Benfeldt


16032_100677056623633_2749896_n[1]Vilma died this morning.  Vilma carried every title of importance to a Godly woman, daughter, wife, mother.  I knew her as a friend of the ministry of Vine International.  Her husband Manolo is a board member since the beginning of Vine in Guatemala and makes doing this work easier…. but Vilma had a special love.  She is a champion of orphans.  She has intervened in the lives of many true orphans, abandoned street kids, babies and she has been an activist trying to get the orphanage system working here in Guatemala.

That big heart of hers suffered an attack this morning and she did not survive.  While obvious her family will miss her as any family would miss a wife and mother, Guatemala will miss her in ways they may not understand.  She was obedient and shared the very desire of God when she opened her home up to orphans and when the home became too crowded the Benfeldt’s found property and built a proper ministry.  Fundo Ninos has supporters all over the USA that are just now hearing — there are children and now adults that were adopted to loving families in the USA and other countries that were directly blessed by the hours this heroine gave on their behalf.  They will share the grief as well.  But we who believe have a hope and peace that the world does not understand.

Church in Guatemala, church in the USA it is time.  It is time to practice your religion.  As James called on the first century church to care for widows and orphans.  No GOVERNMENT will ever have the compassion that the Vilma’s of the world has.  Orphans are not a political problem, rather they are our opportunity to be obedient to a thrice Holy God.   Vilma will leave a hole in this community; who will fill it?

I hugged her last week, commented on her new hairdo.  I expected to hug her this week too as we do most Sundays….  As my boss Woody says our hearts break with yours Manolo and family.   Wish that we could do more.  Would you please pray for the family left behind and for the orphan problem here?

In Christ, Dennis and Cindy McCutcheon, and staff and board of Vine International y Asociacion Vine International Guatemala…

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