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Community Chapel Greenville SC and Hospital Santa Fe


Don’t have much time.  Was at Hospital Santa Fe yesterday meeting with Dr. Sergio Castillo and Joe Leier planning for the future.  The evangelism/work team from Community Chapel of Greenville SC was there as well.  This team is near and dear to our hearts.  They are supporters and have really taken a shine to the Sergio Castillo family.  The youth have been in the local schools doing evangelism most every morning – imagine a country where you can speak the name of Jesus to school kids, share Bibles and prayer… The United States does not  know what it is missing.

In the afternoons they were working on projects around the hospital.  Our visit was short and sweet.  But we had another facility to get to and do some equipment work.  AAAnnnnddd I have to go.

This team leaves their electronics at home so they have not updated Facebook or blogs.  I applaud their decision to do so, but I live here and don’t have to comply.  So friends at Community Chapel in Greenville enjoy a very few snap shots of your family members at our photo blog linked here.

The scorpion escaped this morning, now go pound out my shoes and try to warn Paul Gordon to do the same before breakfast.  Don’t worry Mom, I saw him before he saw me.

thank you for your prayer support.

In Christ, Dennis and Cindy McCutcheon

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