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A little levity in the bodega today…


IMG_0001Stephanie Hawley is founder and director of Exodo and works with the families of rural poor pastors, leads medical mobile clinics, and a couple hundred other things.  One of those things is she works with a couple of national evangelical Christian ministries that do drug and alcohol rehabilitation.   Funds raised by recycling glass, cardboard, plastic and metals will go to Exodo to be used for rehab ministries.

OK enough serious stuff.  Stephanie has bought the rubber chicken key ring for a client of one of the rehab units.  He had raised a chick to about 1/3rd grown.  One morning he found it dead.  Being quite attached to the critter, he tried CPR (seriously) the head flopped left, and he tried again, and the head flopped right obviously no success.  Still trying to save his pet chick he gets a power cord and plugs it in the wall after cutting and stripping two wires.  He approaches the chicken and zaps it with 110 AC… The chicken seemed to jerk (hmmm).  But no life.  He tried again and finally gave up.  They plucked the electrocuted chicken put it in a pot of soup that fed 45 men that day.  Apparently one small thigh went to the director and the rest was prize findings IF you got a piece.

They are calling our friend Electro Pollo… Electric Chicken.  And Stephanie is going to give Electro Pollo his own rubber chicken…  You have to laugh.   So we think the next project is going to be a good stove for the guys and to be paid for by our recycling here at the Vine International Bodega.

Stay tuned.  This is Vine Internationals 20th year and an anniversary celebration is being planned in Knoxville.  We will need RSVP if at all possible.  the date is the only thing firm at this point.  Nov. 7 at a hangar off the Knoxville Airport.  Details to follow.  They will NOT have electrocuted chicken, I promise.

In Christ, Dennis and Cindy McCutcheon

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  1. Dale Slusser permalink
    09/08/2013 07:19

    As we would say in the “South”- “this is a HOOT!”


    • 09/08/2013 07:47

      Hey Dale, wish you could have been there. I had tears in my eyes when I first heard this story.


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