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We are tired.  Due to a combinations of forces (finances mostly) we were unable to ship containers through the summer.  BUT when Woody received a grant, our boss made up for lost time.  We received three containers in about 10 days (Paul Gordon where are you when I need you), all filled with coveted material.  One was 80% designated, the second was from Wheels of Hope with wheelchairs, rollaters, walkers, crutches and the last was a MAP medicine container.  Cindy and I took about four days to get all in order and then we announced the delivery to all on our container list.  *Have you ever watched Shark Week?*  The feeding frenzy started.  We served over 30 ministries in the first week and that is tapering off now.  Each ministry averages about 2 hours in the warehouse.  Friday was unbelievable, first ministry was over an hour late, second ministry on time and the next two ministries came early.  So we had four ministries at the same time.  I got the lists confused and had to rewrite for accounting purposes – not the day to make such a mistake.

Motrin has been our friend – all the lifting (unload, move into place, give it away and loading the recipients vehicles.  AS OF TODAY, those three containers are well over 80% dispersed.

In the midst of this we are involved in a couple other projects – collecting material for our 20th Celebration November the 7th in Knoxville and a Vitamin A project for MAP and Vitamin Angels.

Yes, Vine International has been collecting and dispensing medical aid for 20 years.  The first effort was a van full… in that van was an infant incubator.  The day that was delivered it was used and the very first baby in that incubator was named MOSES!!  Many stories are being collected for sharing at the 20th Celebration.  It will be in Knoxville at a hangar at the airport from what I hear.  Cindy and I will NOT be able to attend because I am officiating a wedding in Guatemala.  Andrea Tejeda-Harris is more than a friend to our ministry, she is family and has asked us to do the wedding.  That wedding is the 9th of November.  I do not want to take the risk of any flight delays and not be back for the wedding.   As a side note, we have tried to buy a suit for me in Guatemala… they don’t come that big down here.  So I have a tailor made black suit made here in San Jose Pinula for about 200 dollars.  I haven’t been in a suit for 20 years.  chuckle.

The Vitamin A project is a good one. Vit A reduces child mortality, infant and childhood blindness substantially in the developing world.  Vitamin Angels has a huge goal of treating over 40 million children worldwide.  One of their biggest clients is MAP, and Vine International is among the largest clients for MAP.  We are trying to collect numbers of children treated.  Trying to be accurate when the language is difficult – is difficult, smile.  We are going to give it the college try.  It is clear to me that if we can do this annually we will improve this treatment program with the experience that comes with repetition.   We will give a future more detailed report of this probably March of next year when final tallies are in.

For Wheels of Hope fans – wheelchairs, crutches and rehab chairs are in a word GONE!!!  We still have walkers and rollators.   Praying the LORD pours it on ya!  So we can get another container soon.  Do you collect canes?  We could sure use canes.

Well got to keep running just wanted to do an update as it has been awhile.  We continue to lead two Bible studies (Wed evening, Sunday afternoon).  We appreciate your prayer support.  No photos this time will try to put together some shots for next occasion.

In Christ,

Dennis and Cindy McCutcheon

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  1. Doris permalink
    19/09/2013 18:10

    Always enjoy your posting and experiencing Guatemala and Vine through your eyes and ears!! Keep up the good work and God bless you abundantly!


  2. 22/09/2013 09:36

    Pat and Bill from Alabama said to tell you guys hello and they hope you are well. Thanks for all you guys do , take care and may God Bless. Will & Denise.


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