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Matthew 10:16


I am not sure how one can not believe in God.  Cindy and I teach two Bible studies each week.  One at our house on Sundays, where we are going through the Gospels following Jesus through His earthly ministry and emphasizing the Jewishness of our Lord, His Gospel and how that effects our current beliefs.  This group are English speaking missionaries in this region.  We are particularly blessed to have Jan with us who has long been interested in this very thing, has spent time in Israel and adds many pearls to the discussion.  God puts these resources together.

The other Bible study is at a neighbors house and we need a translator there.  We are teaching through the gospel of Mark, to a mixed group.  It is challenging to teach Catholics, pentecostal and evangelicals.  This group has gotten comfortable enough to have some mighty challenging discussions after the teaching.  The LORD continues to teach me many things.  God gives the words to say in these times.

And there is a third Discipleship group, that while Cindy and I don’t lead, we work closely with them.  In our Bible studies this past week we picked up on Matthew 10:16 Jesus paired up His 12 disciples and sent them out with these words, “Behold, I send you out as sheep in the midst of wolves, so be shrewd as serpents and innocent as doves.”  This week one of our discipleship group was murdered because that person chose Jesus Christ and could no longer live her old life.   This was one of God’s lambs sent out in the midst of wolves…  we are both broken-hearted and praising God at the same time.  God will be glorified.  And another martyrs crown given…. God gave us this verse for this event.   God let’s us see more courage, true joy in some of these brothers and sisters unexpressible testimonies.  God’s word tempers our grief.  Only God knows what tomorrow holds and He alone can prepare us.  Sorry to be so vague but necessary at this time.

While the tears clear, Cindy and I have been extremely busy, three containers in ten days (August – Sept.), Vitamin A program, Albendazole for parasites, I think over 60 ministries coming through the bodega, a couple of major hospital projects that we are advising/helping with… crazy busy.  Schedule slowing down to reasonable.  We were tired and took a night off and stayed at Hotel Aurora in Antigua.

We ate a good hamburger at Joe’s Grill (good hamburgers are hard to come by here in Guatemala).  And we found Pastores, the town that deals with all things leather.  I have ordered a pair of black shoes to go with the black suit for Andrea’s wedding in the near future.  One blessing last week was meeting one of our friends Stephanie Hawley with Exodo at her home.  She was a chef Texas/Louisiana before being a missionary in Guatemala, so we were forced to eat TEXAS BBQ ribs and chicken.  That pile of bones on my plate was just a little piggish.  Outstanding!!  We HAVE to go back this week to pick up the shoes and we are taking a bag of grits to her and talk about expanding the Vitamin A / parasite program into the sugar cane regions.  Wonder what she will make for lunch this time.

One month from yesterday Vine International is celebrating 20 years of service in Guatemala.  While Cindy and I will not be physically in Knoxville our hearts will be there.  I will be officiating Andrea’s wedding here in Guatemala.  The Vine family considers the Tejeda-Harris family our family.  But all you who support us are invited to Knoxville.  I know that is a little bit of a travel for most of our supporters.  If you happen to be close you should go.  There will be pictures, video, I am sure they will make Woody tell the story of Vines two decades sometime during the evening.  There should be some food, I imagine.  You can RSVP at this link  so we can have a head count.

We have a new website launch coming up which will be that week.  I have seen the new website and am going to beta test some of the functions, such as adding our blog posts and photo/video content to stay current with events on this end.   It looks very professional – now if a couple of old guys can keep from messing it up!!??

Thank you for your support.  In Christ, Dennis and Cindy McCutcheon

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  1. timothy j griner permalink
    08/10/2013 16:20

    Thanks for the update. Such an encouragement and reminder to keep you in my prayers. May God richly Bless you and your wife.
    Love in Christ,
    Tim Griner


    • 09/10/2013 10:28

      Thank you brother. We can use all the throne time one can give. In Christ, Dennis and Cindy


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