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Weekend break at Rancho de Esperanza…


Cindy and I always enjoy a break with our friends Mike and Karen Rheas at Rancho de Esperanza.  This is a unique place for children where the atmosphere is as home like as this couple can make it.  They received a new child about three weeks ago.  Carlitos was picked up from Fundaninos.  There were apparently several Angels (an hels) there and the staff named this lad Carlitos.  In the paper work Karen found his name to be Angel so a new kid, a new name, a new home for Angel in a single day.  He is blossoming.

Cindy and Karen catch up on all kinds of things, Mike and I cure the political problems in the USA and talk issues of faith.  I think everyone gets to relax for just a brief time.  I first met Mike and Karen about 12 years ago.  They were running a clinic on the river Rio Dulce (Sweet River) and a boat outreach to some of the inaccessible areas on the river/lake.  They had a national nurse for a season, but she was let go for a discipline issue.  They continued their work and were a blessing to the Mayans in the region who were woefully underserved.  They received a letter from the regional national health department forcing them to close because they did not have national staff.

The Rheas were being led to start a children’s home and put their full effort where they believed God was directing.  They sold the boat and started the orphanage.  That story is too big to tell here.  The village in which the fixed clinic, now closed by government directive, came to Mike and Karen on multiple occasions to ask them to start it again.  Karen encouraged them to go deal with  their government and get the doors open again.  I think now over 5 years the local leaders have built, repaired cleaned and painted.  The government still requires a national nurse.  There may be two freshly trained nurses who are Mayan interested in the position.  The clinic will need about $350 dollars a month to pay wages/expenses for this position.  Then there will be the supplying of medicines and basic supplies that a clinic needs.  Vine International has helped years ago and we are standing by to jump in once again.  This coming Thursday a Vitamin A and de-worming program will be done as a step towards reopening this much needed project.  Please pray for wisdom and discernment for the Rhea’s.  They have a heart for this project as do we, but clearly their primary calling is the children at the ranch.  A second home is going up and will soon be available for children.   So they need a second set of house parents.  Perhaps there is someone out there with a medical background who wants to help with the work of home care of children and a medical clinic to serve rural poor….  ?

We stayed through church on Sunday.  Pastor Benito who is leading a Calvary Chapel church plant on the property is now also the foreman for the ranch.  He has some health issues and was told by his doctor to move close to Guatemala City.  This man believes his calling is there on the ranch.  So please be in prayer for this brother in the LORD.  He is a tremendous blessing the Rancho de Esperanza.

Check out photos linked here.  Find in a photo caption what Michael Jose said to Cindy one night before walking across the field to the little house that caused Cindy to tiptoe all the way.  Mike and I both laughed out loud.

As you know by now we will celebrate our 20th Anniversary of Vine International serving in Guatemala on Nov. 7 2013.  I was with some of the board members in Guatemala early this year and heard Dave Russell tell of that first trip.  They had an infant incubator in the back of that van… and the very first night after delivering the incubator, it was put into use to warm and save the life of a premature baby named Moises (Moses).  That photo may be part of the proceedings so go and see…  simply RSVP at this RSVP Link

Thank you for your continued support.

In Christ,

Dennis and Cindy McCutcheon

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