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New Website Launch


Cindy and I would like to announce to those who follow our life here in Guatemala a launch of a new website for the ministry we serve.

Vine International ( )has been working with friends of Vine since a meeting in February of this year to restructure our online presence.  Woody has spent hours with friends and specialist to develop this site.  It is clean and fresh.  It will announce new containers and allow us to share stories of what happens with the material sent.  Now, you must to pray for a couple of old guys Woody and myself getting comfortable keeping the site up to date.  I still look for paper and pencil to take notes… makes for a really messy laptop screen when you try to erase.

On the front page under the header photo is an animated blurb about Vine and the service we provide/you help us provide to Guatemala.  Under that is a tab that says “Learn more about Vine’s history”.  Click on that and you will see the founder Woody Woodson share a 5 minute moving history with several photos.  Watch for that first infant incubator on the first van load on the first day with a premature baby whose name was Moises (espanol for Moses).  That story still brings up a well of emotion for me.

Tonight in Knoxville TN there will be a celebration of 20 years of Vine International serving in Guatemala.  If you are our friends and close enough please consider attending.  RSVP here please.

Please share our story with your friends.  Some of you are feeling pressure from economic downturn.  We are praying for all our supporters.  As you feel the pinch, things for our friends in the country side of Guatemala are even more extreme.  I am constantly surprised at how interconnected the countries in Latin America are with the economy in the USA.

Just a quick note about the website launch and the 20th anniversary celebration today.  Enjoy, share and pray for Woody and the board – they have put heroic effort in tonight’s event.

In Christ, Dennis and Cindy McCutcheon

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  1. 07/11/2013 12:46

    Am taking your Ambulance Cot to Bruce this Mon. Just curious, what happen to their other one. Let me know what other supplies or equipment they might need.


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