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Thanksgiving in Rio Dulce at Rancho de Esperanza…


I had promised the van to friends that do a family and ministry get together late in November every year.  Then we found out from Mike and Karen Rhea that they had a small team of two men coming for a short week on Thanksgiving.  We invited our selves down to bring the men, share Thanksgiving dinner, fellowship and return the guys to the airport saving Mike a couple of runs from Rio Dulce to the city.  After I promised Mike we would do this was when I remembered (Cindy reminded me for those who require exactness) that the van was committed to Pastor Nacho.  SSsssoooo!

Hans Schieber is our warehouse landlord and neighbor.  We do a Bible Study and Prayer meeting every Wednesday at his house.  Hans came through and loaned us his Suburban.  Thank you brother.  We picked up Jon di Venti and John (JT) Lewis.  Jon is on staff at Ringling College of Art and Design and members of Calvary Chapel of Sarasota.  He offered to paint a mural on the wall over the children’s (well now young ladies and young men) rooms at the children’s home at Rancho de Esperanza.  Jon is one of those driven artists, his own worst critique, the kind of professional that is driven by quality of product not time.  He spent days on the scaffolding.  This time (Thurs, Fri, Sat.) was to complete the mural that I could not see needed any completion but as usual I was so wrong.  It is amazing how the mural pops off the wall.   For instance I was comfortable with the ‘grey squirrel’ but – well check out the photos!  Prints are available and money raised goes to support the project at Rancho de Esperanza.  I cannot immediately find the information to order prints I will try to add it as a comment or get Jon to do so, so check back soon if interested.  ADDENDUM: Here is link if interested in purchase of a print

We had a pretty standard Thanksgiving Feast – two turkeys, mashed potatoes, gravy, pumpkin pie, other things including Cindy’s sweet potato whoopee cookies (‘cos they make your mouth go ‘WHOOPEE’ of course).  Great fellowship, good Bible Study on Friday night led by Pastor Benito.   It was a great relaxing time.

We have a container in port.  Bureaucracy of one of the many departments that get involved regulating aide is standing in the way and we could use your prayers.  I have yet to see a piece of red tape that defeats God’s purpose and plan.  Still in the midst of things like this I do confess to a little frustration.

We will be in the states this year for Christmas with our sons, daughters, granddaughters and other family around New Years.  I will announce our speaking schedule when it is firmed up.  Speaking this Sunday on the birth of Christ to a special group of brother and sisters in the LORD.  Lots to do in the next couple of weeks so we really need that container to be turned loose.

Thank you for your support.  As you can see from the post there are ways to support ministries that the LORD has given you concern for – it is more than money and prayers.  Here we had a professor of art use his amazing talent to bless a work of God… anyone want to come work on an ancient forklift?

In Christ,

Dennis and Cindy McCutcheon

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  1. 03/12/2013 22:40

    Dennis, it was a blessing getting to know you and Cindy this weekend, and to give thanks to God together. Jesus clearly shines through you both! Here’s the link for purchasing prints:!shop

    Thanks again for the pic, bro!


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