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IN the States soon…


We are trying to button up the needs here in Guatemala and hearts and minds are on family in NC and WV.  I have a nine month old granddaughter who has yet to feel granddad’s arms around her.  We are working on a schedule and so far here are the details.  We arrive in Asheville on the 18th and that first night plan on squirreling away with family.

December 22nd will speak at our home sending church Calvary Chapel Asheville NC.

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December 29th will speak at morning service at Woodland Hills Church, 50 Woodland Hills Road Asheville, NC.

Wednesday night service at Lookout Baptist Church, Lookout WV.

Container number 160 arrived this week.  It is mostly designated items.  It was held up by burrocrats (I know it is misspelled mom, but it is appropriate) and gives us a short time to disperse the contents.  The delay packs a lot of work into a short amount of time.  But 160 containers, that is a lot of medical aid to the rural and inner city poor.  Cindy and I continue to lead two Bible studies and serve in other ways as well.  You can hear about those things at then speaking engagements above.   It is a joy to serve the LORD in a work He designed for us.  If unable to attend the above engagements and you want to hear more,  email me and we will do our best to set a date.  I will meet with some friends at other times – Metropolitan Medical, and HIMers are high on that list.

My email will be checked frequently during our home time.  We will have a tract phone while in the states and that number is 828-699-6267

Pray for some friends of ours, the Wood family (Rick in Philippines Jennie attending dad and mom – dad had very serious spine surgery with some complications), Dick Rutgers working with a family in Huehuetenago – Link to Dick’s blog is in the side tool bar.  Some friends both here and in the 10-40 window that have special needs.

Looking forward to seeing many of you in the coming month.

In Christ, Dennis and Cindy McCutcheon

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