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It is cold in North Carolina…


Cindy and I are in our home in Swannanoa, NC, USA.  We are working on the remaining schedule and seeing what needs to be done and what to delete so to speak.   It is very cold and getting colder tomorrow night.  It is supposed to drop to 0 degrees F (for my Guatemalan friends -18 Celsius) Sunday 1/5/2014 night.  Praying the water doesn’t freeze in the pipes.  We have been able to speak at three churches (Calvary Chapel of Asheville, Woodland Hills Church, Lookout Baptist in WV)so far, sharing the physical work that God has called us to through Vine International and some of the eternal spiritual work with which He has blesses us.

We still have many who support us that we want to check in with and the schedule is filling up.  There is no rest for the wicked, nor missionaries home from the field.  We have been blessed by many, borrowed car, funds to travel with, food – so many meals.  Some time with granddaughters, so craving more of that… baby sitting tonight while my son and wife Hadley celebrate their 11th anniversary.  We have had a delightful lunch with daughter Casey and husband Jeremy.  Peggy has been very busy at work, breaking in new staff and she has been very ill.  We are planning again Dennis’ Famous Biscuit Breakfast next Saturday with all these precious progeny.

We had a part of three days with Mom and siblings and many of their children.  It was an immense blessing to be with Kent and Kate Smith, David and DeAnn Bennett, Jeremiah/Kim, Anna/Joel, Jessica, and Ben and all their wee ones.  What a crew, and what a blessing.

Have had my camera out of the bag only a couple of times but here is a link to some of the photos…  Cindy and my niece Jessica Bennett (her photography site is linked in the right tool bar) took a couple of photos of me ‘at work’.  For a couple sermons I uses Simeon’s Song in Luke chapter 2.  At the simple sight of Jesus Simeon was ready to ‘depart in peace’ that is to die.  I also thought of Paul’s statement in Ph. 1:21, “For to me to live is Christ, to die is gain” and used that text in one sermon anchoring it with the testimonies of some friends we miss in Guatemala, but will see again when our rest comes.   Looking forward to sitting in church tomorrow and listening to Pastor Billy Osigian preach.  We miss our family and our church family when we are in Guatemala… I can think of no other sacrifice.  We are where God would have us and the work is His.

Phone while here in the states is 828-699-6267  (yes Rogers I double checked it this time and it is correct – waugh!)

In Christ, Dennis and Cindy McCutcheon

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