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Heading to Guatemala after Christmas with our children…


Cindy and I, our eyes are on Guatemala and our return.  Volcanoes and earthquakes  apparently are warming up to greet us.  We have had some good times with our children, grandchildren and were in WV for three days with brothers/sisters and a pile of nieces/nephews and their children.  We were blessed in many ways.  We were able to speak at Calvary Chapel of Asheville NC, Woodland Hills Baptist Church also of Asheville NC and Lookout Baptist Church WV.  I had a good meeting with Dr. Keith Hutchinson of Freedom Baptist Church shared our work, needs and some photos with him.
Really cold weather then disrupted our schedule significantly.  I know some of you were feeling the cold and its effect.  Lookout Baptist had a pipe break and soak the fellowship hall and ceiling.  Praying they can get things up and running rapidly.

Friends and family in WV are dealing with a terrible chemical spill.  Our immediate family is upstream – different watershed from where the spill occurred but they are close enough that they would ship potable water to the effected area, but so many pipes froze and burst it drained their systems tanks for all the communities on Route 60 from Ansted to Winona.  The two tanks, quite large, on our farm were completely dry and it will be sometime this week before they are filled again.

All our children Jason & Hadley, Jeremy & Casey, Peggy and granddaughters Olivia and Sarah came to the house Saturday the 11th of January for Dad’s Internationally Famous Biscuit and Fixin’s Breakfast.  It was a joy to fellowship.  We are blessed.  Olivia wore her cowboy boots made “just for her and there is not another pair like them in the whole world” from a leather shop in Pastores Guatemala.  (Grandad has photos of the little kickers!)  Sarah is about 10 months old and hasn’t seen much of me, so it takes a little while to warm up but she is precious.  Photos linked here.

The cold weather (2 below zero F) caused pipes to freeze in our house and we had a leak above our main bathroom.  Had to remove the ceiling, insulation, cap a couple pipes and are in the midst of putting the ceiling back together.  Pastor Billy Osigian came and helped a couple of times this week or this project would not have been completed.  This tore thunder out of our schedule.  Some folks we wanted to see, we can’t due to lost three or four days to the forced remodel.  But Cindy and I are both glad we were here when this happened and not trying to deal with it from Guatemala.  Painting and packing Monday and a final meal with Casey, Jeremy and Peggy and to the airport about 5 in the morning on Tuesday.

We shared our new website and the video Woody Woodson narrated about the history of Vine International with our pastor.  Pastor Billy in turn shared it with our church.  It really is well done I think.   Compressing 20 years of history and thousands of stories into less than six minutes is difficult.  The video can be accessed on the web site by the following link click on three parallel horizontal lines upper right corner – this opens main menu where you click on “Who We Are” and in that drop down box click on “Vine’s Story” and you will see Vimeo Video clip.    If that does not work for any reason try this link .

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  1. 13/01/2014 10:13

    Dennis and Cindy, you and your family are such a joy. Praying for your safe trip home. Can’t say if the creek don’t rise, simply saying if the volcano don’t burp. Love you guys!


    • 13/01/2014 11:22

      Thank You Jennie. We will try to take good care of Rick in a couple weeks, yikes or less. chuckle.


  2. 14/01/2014 17:40

    I enjoy your writings.. & the pictures are beautiful.. you have a wonderful family. so glad you both were able to spend quality time with family & friends.. .. we love you.. & pray for you both each day..


    • 14/01/2014 19:07

      Thank you Aunt Dee. We made it back safely. A couple of days now exchanging money, restocking the fridge, running several errands, most evenings will be get togethers with friends, Bible study, and mission teams that want to get back together. Please feel free to share our blog with any like minded in missions.


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