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Watching a pro at work…


Joe McCutcheon, a distant cousin, lives in North Carolina and does photography of children as a profession.  He has several employees now and is looking at ways to use his skills in mission applications.  We set up a date to meet and do a day at a local orphanage that Vine International has a close relationship with.  Woody Woodson has known the Benfeldt’s for two decades and while Woody was starting and growing Vine International the Benfeldt’s were growing an orphanage called Fundoninos.

Then there is the Freed family whom we have known for almost five years now and were instrumental in helping Cindy and I transition into missions here in Guatemala.  They have very recently taken on one of the director positions at Fundoninos.  I asked Joe to come with the idea of teaching some young ladies about doing photography.  The teaching issue fell through, except I got to watch Joe at work and I think I learned a dozen or so pearls of wisdom.  Joe can herd cats I think.  He photographed over 50 kids, staff and teachers in a little over an hour.  All photos were copied and in the hands of Dennis Freed, lunch eaten, devotions done by three o’clock.  I was impressed.

The only failure that day was my timing of chauffeuring Joe from Word of Life Mission and back.  I managed to get myself in rush hour traffic both ways.  Joe I enjoyed the fellowship and watching a pro at work.  Thank you for loving on my friends in Guatemala.

IMG_0437  OK just a note about this photo.  The child in the photo is praying before we eat.  She prays for the kids at the orphanage, the staff mostly by name, each one of them.  There was a small team from the USA, and Joe, Cindy and Dennis McCutcheon…  This sweet child asked the LORD to bless the Americanos immediately AFTER she mentioned the dogs kept as pets there.  I am still laughing and I know God laughs.

Photos are linked here.

Next week we will be in Rio Dulce with a team from Kansas led by Dennis Rice our friend that was used by God to build up Vine International in Guatemala before Cindy and I took over.  Doris Rice has stayed home recuperating from total knee surgery and will be missed.  We will be doing some work in the area around Rancho de Esperanza an orphanage we love and care for.  Cindy and I are looking forward to the change for the next 10 days or so.  When we return it will be a day of ‘rest’ and out to the Pacific side of the country with Joe Leier to refurbish three (I think) surgical tables.  Please pray for us, several ministries have medical projects in development and are asking for help from Vine International.  We are in a season where we must guard our resources and commitments.  We pray for you our supporters.  We covet your prayers.

In Christ, Dennis and Cindy McCutcheon


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