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Eden Valley Church of the Brethren in Izabal, Guatemala March 2014


So much has happened in last two weeks it will not fit in this one blog.  This team out of St. John Kansas will always have a close tie to us and the Rhea’s.  Dennis and Doris Rice, who had our position at Vine International, go to Eden Valley Church of the Brethran, and led their first short term mission trip to Guatemala a year ago.  Dennis returned with the team this year and Doris stayed behind nursing a new total knee.  We missed her.

This team worked with Mike and Karen Rhea ( Rayo de Esperanza ) again this year.  Mike and Karen have a wonderful ministry that you have heard about before from us.  They met a couple of kids during a wheelchair fitting on their property done in partnership with Bethel Ministries International and they form relationships with these families.  Mike and his staff, Bonito, Oscar and Chuleti set up the construction projects, get materials on site.  When the team comes in it is a beehive of activity.  There were two projects this year.

The first was a young man with muscular dystrophy and a motorized wheelchair at the end of a path that could not be traversed.  240 foot side walk was formed and poured by this team in two days.  Cement was hauled by wheelbarrow.  Edwin Rene was perched in his hammock to oversee the project and was pronounced supervisor for those two days.  He did a great job (smile).  This young man did a thank you card for each team member and a WHOLE BOOK for Mike and Karen.  Whew!  You see in order for Edwin to color he holds the pencil in his right hand and uses his left to push it around… and smiles.  Edwin’s dad and several relatives and neighbors helped.  It was such a good site to see the cooperation between the folk’s from Kansas and the locals.  This team has what it takes – they RELATE!

The second project was Darwin a  wheelchair bound spastic cerebral palsy patient whose chair had to be carried to the road and then mom would return to carry him uphill about 140 feet.  This team cranked out this sidewalk in a day.  I am so sorry I missed the celebrations for completion of these events as there were some critters having their own celebration in my gut.  Waugh!  There are other photos on the Rayo de Esperanza face book site linked above.

This team is very good at relationship with locals.  They made an effort to look up the family from the project last year and were met with huge smiles.  Local boys were sent up trees to harvest oranges and other fruit as a gift for them.  It is so precious to see receptions like these.  One can see something has clicked.  It is done in such a way that Mike and Karen can go back into these settings and where needed share the Gospel of Christ.  Some are believers already and receive encouragement in a culture that is quite hard on such as these.

The debrief was emotional and uplifting.  The joy at closing out this weeks work was evident in each one and we look forward to helping we pray each year until Jesus comes.  I have several photos linked here… not all the 400 that were taken tho, ha!  Please enjoy.

Much is happening here in regard to new projects.  It is a bit overwhelming at times.  So wish we had a million dollars, but we must depend on the LORD and not our own ways.  We stand amazed at how He works… more on that later.

Share our blog/newsletter with those who are like minded and we so appreciate your support through prayer, material and financial donations.  We are here because you share.

In Christ,

Dennis and Cindy McCutcheon

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