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We are the proud bearers of Guatemalan driver’s license.


For my Guatemalan friends none of this is a complaint.  We actually laughed most of the day and thoroughly enjoyed visiting with Rolando and Lisa.  Actually some direct ministry issues may come out of our discussions yesterday.  The Lord, He is Good and the time was not wasted.

If you have followed us over the five years (three days from now) in Guatemala, you have heard the Woody Woodson quote, “Sometimes it takes all day just to live in Guatemala!”  To get full effect one must say it with a Southern Appalachian – East Tennessee drawl.  Yesterday we were chauffeured by the Sauder’s of Orphan Resource International to meet with Rolando Vargas and his precious, very pregnant wife Lisa.  We met at Immigration in zone 4 to pick up residency documents and passports for Sauder’s and Lisa.  While in the parking lot met with Rabbi Joel an orthodox Jew and had a delightful, unfruitful conversation.   We did find out that Judaism is the most difficult religion in the world, because of the burden of the law (anecdote for tonight’s teaching in Ephesians and the believer’s identity in Christ).  I assured him I believed he was correct.  Wish we could have talked more as I believe all religion is at best man designed and at worst of satan himself, and it would have been a challenge to talk about the golden gift of Grace we who believe benefit from.

Then it was on to the Guatemalan form of Division of Motor Vehicles… it is not all in one building.  In fact it is not all in one zone in the city.  First stop zone 12, sign in, get your photo and book to study.  The photo is not for the license but to prove to each person that handles the documents that it was really you who took the test, paid the money etc.  625 quetzals to take the test.  Cindy and I scored well on the written test.  She got 94% and I got 92%.  Then the actual driving test in which I want to point out she knocked over one of the cones, while I did not.  She got 79 and I got 78… her tester spoke English, mine did not.  He gave a healthy critique of which all I got seemed to be I was a good driver but I failed to do something with my arm.  Oh well, we passed.  A stop at Pollo Campero for chicken and fluids was helpful.  Then on to the third parking lot of the day and to zone 9!

Here we got our eye exam in a room in the basement, another photo proving we were really the person taking the exam (this photo was better).  Another signature, another 40 quetzals, another receipt.   Then upstairs to the place that finalizes the license.

First a lady on the porch checks the documents and has to leave to get approval for Rolando to translate.  Then next lady checks to see if we have any outstanding violations on our license (which we do not have yet – ?).  Then to the BANK where we pay for the license; one can choose one, two, three, four or five years.  Interesting.  Another 350 quetzals, 30 of which is for the paper you carry proving you have paid, apparently.  Next station, I still can’t explain.  But another check of documents, another signature.  Then to finger printing where another document with all the usual license information, color of eyes, hair, TYPE OF NOSE, I tried to put crooked but that was unacceptable.  (bureaucrats are so serious).  Then we were finger printed… that is one of the few laughs I got.  My fingers are so large that in several instances one smudged over the other.  The lady had not dealt with that before.  Next station another photo!  By this time it had been a full day and we were not real happy.  I keep my glasses on my head and removed them, but did not straighten my hair.  No mirror.  No wife, we were separated at this point.  So my hair had this wind blown failed comb over kind of look unbeknownst to me.  So Cindy and I meet again at final step waiting for the license.  So we are watching the large screen TV where your photo flashes when they are ready to give you the license.  Mine comes up just before Cindy’s at which she busted out laughing, so the other 15 people look at the ‘convict’ on the TV.  The room couldn’t believe the pretty blonde walked out with the convict.  By my count, one very full day (it took 12 hours), three parking lots, three zones, four buildings, two tests, fourteen stations / people, six signatures, and we now possess a real pretty Guatemalan driver’s license.  If any US citizen complains about voter identification I may just bust them in the nose.

Our life in Guatemala.  All our expendable coin and then some… so rice and beans for June.  No photos this time, the orthodox rabbi and bureaucrats don’t like their photos taken.

In Christ,

Dennis and Cindy McCutcheon


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  1. nursedorie permalink
    10/06/2014 18:57

    That was a hoot! Thanks for expressing yourself and showing so well how things are here!


    • 11/06/2014 08:21

      It continues… the couple we went with asked for a license that would cover Galen driving the school bus for their ministry Orphan Resource International. He was stopped a couple days later and the police told him it was the wrong license he could only drive cars and small trucks and vans with less than 15 people. So he has to go back through the process. It is HIS FAULT he doesn’t have the correct license. No bureaucrat can ever be wrong. Coming to America soon… oh wait it is already there.


  2. 16/06/2014 22:05

    This part is so funny, Carl and I laugh so hard… “So we are watching the large screen TV where your photo flashes when they are ready to give you the license. Mine comes up just before Cindy’s at which she busted out laughing, so the other 15 people look at the ‘convict’ on the TV.”


  3. 16/06/2014 22:06

    I’m proud of both of you for your perseverance and sacrifice, not to mention your obedience, I truly admire both of you and I adore the McCutcheon Familia with all my heart.


  4. Jim Randall permalink
    06/02/2015 16:05

    His Dennis, This is Jim Randall from Potter’s Field Ministries here in Antigua. I got the message you would be joining us this Sunday, February 8 at C.C. Antigua. We look for to worshiping with and meeting you,as well as hearing about your ministry. Blessing to you and your family Dennis ,Jim


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