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Five Years in Guatemala


Five years ago today Cindy and I stepped off the plane in Guatemala City (Peggy came with us for a brief time).  Dennis and Doris Rice welcomed us.  He tossed me the keys and told me the Mitzubishi was my responsibility.  It has been a wild five years.  We are now resident status in Guatemala, with Guatemalan ID and Driver’s License.

One of the life lessons here is you cannot live here in a turtle shell, one must have friends and must invest in friends.  In this we have been truly blessed.  If I start listing events you will get bored reading and I will offend someone forgetting to put them in the list.

Vine International is somewhat unique.  Our ‘work’ is shipping medical supplies, equipment and medicines to serve evangelical and humanitarian medical facilities that serve the rural and inner city poor.  We have been given opportunities to preach, teach Bible, do weddings, work with building teams for hospitals and homes of handicapped, orphanages.  We feel strongly we have been planted here for a great work to come.  Our boss Woody Woodson sets the tone, abiding in Christ.  It is easy to do ‘good’ works, my works and pull from Christianese to make us look good.  Easy to take our ‘mission’ and ask Jesus to support our good ideas.  God does not share His Glory or the Glory of His Son Jesus.  Jesus is not there to be used for my benefit.  If this is how we use Him then the work will always be natural and results predictable.

Abiding in Christ – Christ first, we abiding in submission, are free then to do what He asks.  Yes to do the work of shipping an amazing amount of material on amazing little financial resources and sharing with over 100 works in Guatemala.  But also to preach the Word, to be used to minister to neighbors, to be ministered to by neighbors.  To love on some amazing brothers and sisters in Christ who do not have resources to respond with anything but love in return.  To see God’s transformed children serve in amazing ways through amazingly difficult circumstances in the midst of unspeakable evil.  When the relationship is us in submission to our LORD it is His work and one can expect to see supernatural results as common.  A boy’s lunch of five loaves and two small fish feeds 5,000 men.  The Vine Family believes this story is real and literal – we see it happen all the time.  We participate in handing out that which comes from the Hand of Christ.

LORD, we praise You and Your Son.  All glory and all honor are Yours.  Thank You for calling Cindy and I here and giving us the provisions to do this work.  May the work we do make You smile.  There is much that is evil here and we claim Your power and authority over such as these.  Make us bold to speak of the importance of relationship with Jesus Your Son.  Let us see Your Hand and Heart at work in both our friends and even in Your enemies in this beautiful land.  Keep our friends safe.  Help us to steward the finances and materials that You give us into those ministries that are active in Your Harvest Fields.  Thank You for this last five years and we turn our eyes to what is ahead until You call us Home.  In Jesus Name Amen.

Thank you for your support.  We value your financial support and prayers, believing God gives you that desire and those resources.  And finally, Cindy has a four year driver license.  She threatened Woody with she has no desire to get another Guatemalan Driver’s license… smile.  We will see.

In Christ,

Dennis and Cindy McCutcheon

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  1. Mike Turner permalink
    02/06/2014 03:46

    Dennis and Cindy,

    Thanks for five great years. I can’t believe it has gone so fast. You guys are amazing servants and you have helped Vine be more effective. I also love your blog posts. Keep the stories coming. Muchas Gracias


    • 02/06/2014 07:21

      Thank you Mike for the kind words and the support you and your family are to Woody/Bruce White and the McCutcheons and the ministry of Vine International. Could not do this without support like yours. Wonder what the next five years are going to bring?
      In Christ, Dennis


  2. 02/06/2014 14:38

    I love you both….and your new profile picture. 🙂


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