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God’s Amazing Grace…


Cindy and I are leading a Bible study.  The group is very mixed, English only, Spanish only and a few bilingual, and the runs of the spectrum of denominations, church wounded, broken families.  I have never been with such diversity in such a small group (usually about a dozen or so).  We are beginning the second chapter of Ephesians tonight.  Paul’s emphasis on the Grace of the Trinity in chapter one continues.  Our salvation takes us from spiritually dead to life eternal in Christ.  Our salvation is an act of Grace, a gift from God, purchased by the blood of Christ, sealed by the Holy Spirit.  A gift I cannot repay.

Some teach we will know all when we get to heaven.  I have always been uncomfortable with that thought.  The only ‘know it all’ is God Himself, the rest are fools full of self pride and always fail when time comes to deliver.  (smile – I were one so to speak).  Read Ephesians 2:7 “in ages to come” He (God the Father) will show us / school us in grace.  It seems to say it will take eternity to know what grace is…

Eph 2:7 that in the ages to come he might show the exceeding riches of his grace in kindness toward us in Christ Jesus:

Verse 6 God the Father raised us and makes us SIT before Jesus, I believe for instruction.  Would it not have been enough that God the Father were simply kind toward us?  But Paul in v. 7, stretches the grandeur of speech and one gets the sense that words will never be enough.

His Kindness toward us – His grace in kindness toward us – RICHES of His grace in kindness toward us – THE EXCEEDING RICHES of His grace in kindness toward us === IN CHRIST.
I believe that we will be schooled in grace at the feet of Jesus sitting at the Throne on the right hand of the Father.  That that school term will not be three, six or twelve months, but it will be for eternity.  Grace is recieving what we do not deserve… simple thought.  Do we understand?  I think we only have a hint of grace, and that God the Father’s hearts desire is that we understand this more fully.  If we understood this we would once again turn the world upside down for the Glory of Christ.  And all this (v. 8) a gift from the hand, mind and heart of God the Father.

Back to studying for the teaching this evening.  May Jesus be glorified.

Please be in prayer for us and our neighbors.  Lilly our precious neighbor was robbed at gunpoint and hit once with a bat.  An attempt was made on our neighbor on the other side.  We have a guard for a season.  The professional guard here for the last two days cannot fire his weapon as the company charges him for each shell he uses.  It is the Don Knotts Security Firm, I think.  We are taking steps we believe to be wise, but ultimately we are in the LORD’s Hands and surrounded by Legions of His Angels.  We are His to do with as He pleases.  Very firmly we are IN CHRIST!


In Christ,

Dennis and Cindy McCutcheon

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