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First Sponsored Container…


NOW it is NOT the first container… Actually it is 165th container and that doesn’t count the buses and van loads of medical supplies that preceded that first container in the last 20 years.  BUT it is the first SPONSORED Container of the SKIP program.  SKIP is Woody’s attempt at an acronym and stands for Sponsored Kontainer International Program and yes the spell check rejects it.  This was a suggestion from friends of Vine late last year in order to try to increase interest and support for shipping containers of medical supplies.  SO this is our first.  And we are grateful.  There will be a later report to show where some of these supplies end up and the patients they serve.  See photos of delivery process linked here.

Your church, Sunday School class, civic organization, family or you personally can sponsor a container.  The process is outlined on our website.  Go to the main web page and scroll down til you see the proverbial Thermometer…   This first container funds are complete. It is a medical supply container on average taking $8,500 to pay shipping fees (fuel, road use taxes, container ship fees, drivers, sometimes security guards to ride shotgun just like stage coach with John Wayne).  Often it takes another $3,000 for procurement issues.  While on our website sign up for the newsletter and check out our history video.

Bruce Allsop will be joining with a few medical associates for the second container.  You will notice that it is more expensive $14,500.  This is due to fees needed to obtain the medicine and extra fees on this end to get it thru customs.  This second container has a long way to go at this posting.  Dr. Allsop is one of our board members.  I have seen him at work – he is a treasure to the children he works with here in Guatemala.  A couple of the photos included in the project page are from a trip I did with him.  If you know Bruce and want to join in on the fun, read the instructions and consider a gift towards helping the poor of Guatemala. The link is here at Dr. Bruce Allsop Container

We thank you, all of you for your continued prayer and financial support.  The discipleship group is growing by new professions of faith and BY BIRTH.  Yea!

In Christ,

Dennis and Cindy McCutcheon

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